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  1. The Calcutta/Kolkata projects thread
  2. The Bombay *BOOM* -- A Rendering Rundown of u/c Mumbai skyscrapers
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  4. Mumbai UA cityscape thread
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  8. Trivandrum-lush green city on the hills and by the blue sea
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  11. Gurgaon, India plans four 140-storey towers, highrise CBD
  12. Tallest Hindu Temple in World (35 Stories) -- Sri Mayapur Vedic Temple
  13. Townscapes across India
  14. Calicut/Kozhikode
  15. My Dollarstore a hit in India
  16. India Environmental Issues
  17. Cochin highrises, pictures and projects - II
  18. Cochin gallery (only pics)
  19. Munnar/Idukki-Hill stations in Kerala
  20. Congrats to all for the SSP India section!
  21. Vedanta, Nalanda Universities: founding/resurrection of Asia's Biggest/Oldest Unis.
  22. Delhi Master Plan 2021 -- Delhi's Skyline to be Radically Changed
  23. Maitreya Buddha Project, Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh
  24. Megaproject: Odyssey Science City, Anantapur, AP: 10K acre twp. + Worlds Tallest(s)
  25. Walk-free feel to new mall sprawl
  26. Unknown India - a photo thread
  27. Akshardham Temple to world Peace, New Delhi
  28. Mumbai -- Project News and Developments
  29. Trivandrum Projects & Infrastructure :News
  30. India in High Dynamic Range, some photos...
  31. Delhi NCR - projects thread
  32. India Megaproject Overview: Four Major Cities, 2 'Manhattans' to Appear on Indian Map
  33. Trashi Chhoe Dzong Precinct, Thimphu, Bhutan
  34. Pune projects thread
  35. Hyderabad's 100+ floor Trade Tower & 12 min. 30 floor tower CBD to be ready by 2010
  36. New Delhi Builds Ambitions
  37. Trissur (Trichur) gallery
  38. Megaproject: Lanco Hills, Hyderabad: 90 floor tower, 16 x 30fl, 12 x 20fl, and more!
  39. KOTTAYAM (The Land Of Letters, Latex, Lakes And Legends), Kerala
  40. Indian FREEWAY map
  41. Beautiful Kerala
  42. Mangalore cityscapes, Projects
  43. Bangalore Projects
  44. ~~ The Breathtaking Beauty of INDIA -- a gallery in high-res, wallpaper-sized Images!
  45. The need for a high speed corridor or Expressway for Kerala
  46. GANDHINAGAR, India-- Gujarat International Finance Tec-City: 400m, 310m x2, 200+m x10
  47. Redevelopment in South Mumbai & suburbs by Architect S.G.Dalvi
  48. Project Gallery - Cochin
  49. New Moderators
  50. Cochin(KOCHI) Infrastructure Development and The Build Succeed Expand Initiative
  51. Statue of Libery in Mumbai
  52. Indian stadiums
  53. DLF plans it's shopping mall in Delhi NCR
  54. HDFC AMC invests Rs.236 crore
  55. Kolkata to have India's first Aerobridge-Cafeteria
  56. MMRDA scouting for land to building truck terminals in Navi Mumbai, Thane
  57. Punjab highrises, pictures , projects & Aviation News
  58. Railway track venue for revolving restaurant
  59. Condolences for terrorist attack
  60. Kolkata Metro Garia Extension
  61. Make way for India's 2nd biggest metro
  62. 'Heritage on Wheels' train may be transformed into a restaurant in Jaipur
  63. Asiad tower -- Delhi's tallest?
  64. Apartment culture
  65. Increase in volume of traffic and subsequent developments
  66. 2010 Commonwealth Games
  67. India- Roads and Flyovers
  68. Mumbai development map
  69. DLF India | Hyde Park | New Chandigarh
  70. Anantapur Photoes
  71. Mysore cityscapes
  72. Thane projects
  73. Navi Mumbai - projects,developments & cityscapes
  74. First time snow fall in Indian Areas
  75. Increase in volume of traffic and subsequent developments
  76. Kundli: New new delhi...............the next gurgaon in making
  77. Best hotels in yercaud
  78. ”Kerala builders: Modernity of Urban Life”
  79. Udupi Cityscapes, Projects
  80. Villas in Kerala – Best investment you can ever make
  81. Goa: Govt invites bids from IT Companies for land allotment/construction of IT Park
  82. Tallest structure in India - 2 military radio masts
  83. Gurgaon project news , developments and updates
  84. Indian Smart Cities and villages projects
  85. Nashik - Ashoka Royale - 2 & 3 Bhk - 12 Floors
  86. Engineering & Entrepreneurship
  87. ‘Innovate in India’ in addition to ‘Make in India’
  88. Upcoming projects in Bangalore| Windmill
  89. Indian real estate sector witnesses growth across segments
  90. Houses worth Rs 3 lakh crore face construction delays: Report
  91. Real estate sector garners Rs 10,080 crore PE investments
  92. Homebuyers take pending cases to RERA in first face-to-face meet
  93. Realty gets Rs 10,080-crore PE money in June quarter
  94. Coolest office buildings in India
  95. Housing for All by 2022 to attract $1.3 trillion into residential by 2025: Report
  96. Luxury residential projects fall out of favour in Mumbai
  97. NRI investment in Indian real estate crosses $10bn mark this year
  98. Realty market: Investors betting on top six Indian cities