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  1. Portland's office market begins upward trend
  2. Portland Real Estate Market thread
  3. Portland's new face, the affluent
  4. someone please answer this pdx retail mystery
  5. M37 claim filed in SoWa
  6. Deacon to move HQ into the Central Eastside
  7. The Supercable from Oregon to China
  8. Last chance for a tax reduction
  9. Architectural firms still buzzing, construction expected to be strong in '07
  10. OHSU Sells Waterfront Parcel
  11. Welcome to Portland! Plz pardon our dust while we complete our billion $$$ renovation
  12. DT Portland begins retail boost: Pioneer Place considers expanding up
  13. The Power of Choice: The Life and Ideas of Milton Friedman
  14. Portland Firm hired to build new PDX streetcars.
  15. Paul Allen buys back Rose Garden
  16. New tax on development
  17. $40 million anon gift begins OHSU's Schnitzer Campus!
  18. 4.1 million SqFt of PDX office space in 40 buildings sells for $1 Billion in one sale
  19. Going condo crazy
  20. Measure 37 claim, 17th and W Burnside
  21. Oregon Blue Book
  22. Schumacher Fur Building sold
  23. Forget the new towers, Portland might get aircraft carrier
  24. The Retail Thread
  25. Condo Market not Saturated Yet
  26. $12M gift goes to University of Portland Engineering School renovation
  27. oregon to get 3rd pottery barn - in eugene
  28. Port of Portland to decide whether or not to build new headquarters at airport
  29. Is it possible to negotiate on new pearl construction?
  30. 36 year old developer buys Burnside BK (zoned 350' height 6:1 FAR)
  31. Columbia Sportwear HQ possibly relocating to PPS site in new mixed use development
  32. The Measure 37 Thread
  33. Is PDX job market really that different from SEA?
  34. So long Days Inn, another PDX hotel to get multi-million$$$ makeover
  35. Strikes over, downtown construction resumes
  36. Rep. DeFazio brings home the bacon, streetcar prototype to be built in Oregon
  37. Pearl District office spaces surges, 200,000 sq/ft of space u/c
  38. SOLD: KOIN Tower and two adjacent lots for two new towers, including 100 Columbia
  39. Market flips. Condos out, apartment towers in.
  40. Developer pushes private fix for affordable housing; estimated 12,000 units needed
  41. Oregon pushes to build a $2.5 billion Bioenergy industry
  42. 3 BREWERY BLOCKS SOLD - $291.6 MILLION (5 blocks bought for $19.5M in '99)
  43. Salem's HOT: Homebuyers still WILD about the West
  44. Energy developer says Willamette water could power Portland
  45. Portland expected to grow by 125,000 peeps over next 23 years
  46. Portland is up for sale, outside investors want in
  47. PDX: PDC seeks to unload Union Station
  48. Condo market softens (Kehoe lines up financing for 2 new apartment towers)
  49. Office condos catching on in Portland
  50. New NW 23rd Ave. Apple Store?
  51. Freightliner says they are staying
  52. Manufacturing puts city ahead of West Coast peers
  53. Northwest Airlines plans nonstop flights between Portland and Amsterdam.
  54. Shadow falls on condo market
  55. UofO to sell Willamette Block building
  56. End the carnage; YES on 49
  57. Another Oregon company goes...[or bye-bye to Tektronix]
  58. Nike buys British 'football' giant Umbro
  59. Feds buy 8 acres in Cascade Station for office development
  60. Green reign depends on connecting city and state
  61. Little green energy source. And big bucks for Oregon
  62. Vote!
  63. Help Chris Smith get on the ballot
  64. Developers suing potential condo buyers to keep deposits
  65. Solar Industry in Oregon
  66. Oregon in race to become world leader in wave energy
  67. Oregon's Economy
  68. Big O gives O'Toole front page feature story
  69. Developer sells 141 homes at weekend auction
  70. Lucy moves into the KOIN
  71. [Vancouver] Developer stresses iffyness of Port project
  72. The Economy: what does it mean for Portland?
  73. European Travel Channel films 15-part Oregon series
  74. Portland has a Fortune 500 company hq
  75. Benson Hotel owners looking to sell property
  76. Democratic voter registration soars, Oregon becomes more blue
  77. Speeding Ticket Frenzy
  78. PSU chooses urban planning guru from Amsterdam as President
  79. Portland Tribune
  80. Obama @ Waterfront Park
  81. Opus has new general manager for Portland
  82. Sam Adams new mayor elect of Portland
  83. Oregon's Next New Fortune 500 Company?
  84. President-Elect Obama has a new website:
  85. US Economic Summary: Backwardation, The BCI and Joblessness
  86. Developer faces felony charges
  87. Clearwire begins Portland WiMAX, second city in nation to get service
  88. Newspapers Call for Adams' Resignation
  89. Columbia Gorge Hotel Closes
  90. Oregon Population Thread Including PSU and Census Data
  91. Street of dreams make history, turns to condos for '09 show instead of houses
  92. State sees strong construction job growth in next decade
  93. Good news for poor people in Oregon
  94. Contractors sort through tax increase hit
  95. Opus Northwest up for sale
  96. Corporations take lead where Feds stall
  97. Help me understand...
  98. Oregon Honors (Bestowed by News, Magazines and other Questionable Sources)
  99. TVA Architects learns how to build business
  100. Sam Adams Not Running For Re-Election