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  1. HRM Name Change?
  2. Central Halifax Census Tracts
  3. Phil Pacey At It Again
  4. Lofts in HRM
  5. HRM by Design Nov 28th
  6. No more short, ugly buildings downtown, please
  7. Bridging heritage, development gap
  8. MLA parking at Province House
  9. Group calls for tax credit to preserve heritage buildings
  10. Developer Joe Metledge and HRM by Design
  11. HRM by Design -- Open House Display Panels
  12. City Hall looks for federal heritage tax breaks
  13. Main Street, Dartmouth Revitalization Plan
  14. What was that about not all old buildings being worth preserving?
  15. New library delay frustrates Uteck
  16. HRM to review request by Bedford developers
  17. Developer Buys Sam's Building
  18. Council OKs HRM by Design’s vision
  19. Citizens for Halifax - HRM by Design community gathering
  20. What would you do with that site?
  21. Ideal Boutique Hotel
  22. Halifax Urban Greenway
  23. HRM by Design
  24. Ugly building materials
  25. Barrington Street Fades
  26. Development agency exec wants more tall buildings
  27. Effect of no Viewplanes
  28. HRM By Me!
  29. Meeting with the Heritage Trust
  30. Heritage, vibrancy compatible partners in downtown vision
  31. Advocate:Time to stop razing heritage buildings
  32. Young Avenue By-Law
  33. The Friends of Schmidtville
  34. Half of survey respondents want to preserve city views, Lindsay Jones Metro News
  35. Queen St - Clyde St Lots
  36. HRM By Design passes Premier: New bill should streamline building process
  37. Developers ready to move Halifax into the Future
  38. Halifax Viewplanes/Sightlines
  39. Cities that Halifax could learn from
  40. Living City: A Critical Guide
  41. What is Halifax?
  42. Open house at Alderney Landing
  43. Rugby clubhouse in rugged shape gets saved City will pitch in to restore building
  44. The Quality of Architecture and Urban Design in Halifax
  45. Planning & Design centre for Halifax?
  46. Formation of a REAL pro-development group in Halifax
  47. Heritage Trust: Tall Buildings Will Lead to CRIME and INSANITY!!!!
  48. Mice in newer, higher rise apartments
  49. Shannon Park......the possibilities
  50. Losing the look of Halifax
  51. Rate Halifax Buildings
  52. Pedestrian Scrambles in HRM
  53. Halifax North Common Improvements
  54. George's Island might soon be open to the Public
  55. Ultramodern Architecture desired for the HRM
  56. Public Art
  57. Canadian Institute of Planners - Award Winners of Planning Excellence
  58. Khyber Building the Linchpin of Barrington rebirth
  59. The Hydrostone
  60. "Lost" Projects
  61. VivaCity - Downtown Symposium
  62. HRM Regional Plan
  63. Halifax region and recycling
  64. Province Begins Heritage Property Act Review
  65. Peninsula North Secondary Planning Area plans?
  66. Digital Billboards and light on buildings
  67. South Barrington Heritage Conservation Area
  68. The Evolution of Gottingen Street
  69. The great Halifax "I remember when" thread
  70. Killam Library Demolishes Fountains for a Subway
  71. Halifax Urban Forest
  72. Cheap, soil-free, vertical URBAN GARDEN!!!
  73. The Centre Plan (Urban Core Regional Plan)
  74. Buildings in HRM that require TLC
  75. Building materials in Halifax
  76. Surface Level Parking Lots
  77. Observation Tower
  78. Downtown Halifax Building Height Restriction
  79. Sackville Landing Refurbishment
  80. Dartmouth Needs Development (DND)
  81. Future Development Ideas in HRM
  82. Downtown Tunnels
  83. Morse's Tea Building Signage
  84. Restoration Projects
  85. Halifax future skyline renders
  86. Graffiti (sanctioned or not)
  87. Halifax should build with wood, says Watts
  88. The Halifax Regional "WTF?" thread
  89. North End, South End, West End, Downtown?
  90. HURST: How to rid downtown of its perpetual frown
  91. 1945 Halifax Master Plan
  92. Housing affordability
  93. Downtown Heated Sidewalks
  94. Downtown Dartmouth Height Limits/Design
  95. Hunter Street micro-lofts and density on the Peninsula
  96. Mayor's Conversation on Healthy and Livable Communities
  97. 'Urban Reserve' Zone
  98. Heritage Community - Halifax, Nova Scotia
  99. Halifax Condos
  100. Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia - Pros and Cons