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  1. The Walled City of Kowloon
  2. Dubai - How in the World Can There Be So Much Development ?
  3. USA Sprawl Festival continued: Phoenix-East
  4. Your city's worst riot
  5. USA Sprawl Festival continued: Buffalo
  6. Chicago exchanges in $8bn merger
  7. USA Sprawl Festival continued: Bergen & Passaic Counties, New Jersey
  8. Great winter cities to visit
  9. Show your skyline from about 4 decades ago
  10. USA Sprawl Festival continued: Milwaukee
  11. No Parking: Condos Leave Out Cars
  12. Suburbs foster more sense of community than downtown
  13. North America's "most unique" Costco opens in Vancouver
  14. Philly Rises to Challenge to Keep Eakins Work From Leaving Town!!
  15. Tourism in the world cities
  16. Hong Kong is beating off Shanghai to dominate China's finance
  17. List of U.S. Cities & Towns with Row Houses
  18. Do Homeowners' Associations go overboard?
  19. My Pet Project:The American Rowhouse [Your Discussion Needed]
  20. Shopping Centers and Shopping Malls
  21. Urbanization in Dubai : 1973 > 2006
  22. What cities have tornado or severe weather sirens?
  23. I'm tempted to just give up and indulge in sprawl
  24. World Cities (Population 500,000 +) With The Smallest Sprawl ...
  25. Following L.A.'s script
  26. When will sprawl stop? When will will the edge just be too far?
  27. What is the residential and office population of your downtown?
  28. What big cities feel like small towns?
  29. Rebuid middle class by infrastructure investment
  30. USA Sprawl Festival continued: Columbus
  31. USA Sprawl Festival continued: El Paso (with some bonus pics of Juarez)
  32. Portland turns on nation's largest free Wi-Fi network, will be citywide in '08
  33. Lost and Dead Cities
  34. USA Sprawl Festival continued: San Antonio
  35. 12 Million Suburbanites Live in Poverty
  36. EU Urbanization (map!)
  37. Panama: Top overseas retirement destination
  38. Some Cities Have Unusual Problem: Too Many Mega-Churches
  39. City seals!
  40. In Moscow the night is young...the booming 24-hour economy
  41. Malaysia launches five billion dollar city next to Singapore
  42. Singapore...a new home for riches
  43. Pune...Sleepy city in India goes boom
  44. London...attracts world's super-rich
  45. Starbucks; the Ultimate Sign of Fitness for a City?
  46. Hong Kong tops survey of world's richest
  47. My sad attempt at scaled U.S. skyline comparisons
  48. gifts your city has received from other cities or countries
  49. USA Sprawl Festival continued: Detroit
  50. "Reverse Graffiti": Should Selective Cleaning Be Illegal?
  51. Dubai: Crazy Island Expansions (Terraforming)
  52. USA Sprawl Festival continued: Tampa
  53. The Big Apple, Getting Bigger, Sets New Goals
  54. Teardowns slowing as home market cools
  55. christmas cranes - does you city have them?
  56. Boston Mayor Calls for Selling City Hall and Plaza
  57. To visit the PacNW's three major cities is to drop into another country...
  58. Suburbs a sin to Smart Growthers
  59. Toll Brothers, a suburban home builder, making developments in NYC
  60. What is your opinion of Minneapolis-St. Paul (Twin Cities)
  61. ‘McMansions’ creep from ’burbs to cities
  62. Can't find a parking spot? It may get a lot easier
  63. Luxury living at $8,000 a square foot
  64. Las Vegas skyline photos needed
  65. Finance industry continues to boost New York
  66. In Progress - New Orleans Brain Drain
  67. How paranoid can someone get ???
  68. Living rich in London, Sydney, Hong Kong and Greenwich, Conn.
  69. One lady's crusade to darken New York
  70. Texas may be bigger, but Boston is always older
  71. "_____ Street _____ers" - Streets with business identities
  72. Has your city got "raunaq" like New Delhi?
  73. USA Sprawl Festival continued: Cincinnati - in a Winter Wonderland
  74. Paramus, NJ, where shopping center sales equal the GDP's of Nicaragua and Cambodia
  75. How is the housing market in your town?
  76. Sundown Towns: Did You/Do You Live In One?
  77. Suitcase Cities
  78. USA Sprawl Festival continued: East Bay, Kollyfornia
  79. Are older condos in Atlanta worth buying? will they appreciate in value in future?
  80. do you think the Condo market in your area will go up or down?
  81. Empty Nesters Planning a New Life in the City
  82. Hong Kong pushes ahead of NY in IPOs
  83. Sao Paolo...billboard ban angers advertisers
  84. Honolulu-Waikiki Beachline Dissapearing
  85. Cities regain their residential worth
  86. Table Discussions with Loureed#2; "The Generic City" is largely Asian?
  87. Uninterupted growth or open space preservation: Which one is better fiscally-speaking
  88. Great article about Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson in last week's Nation.
  89. Major Cities with no new tallest buildings
  90. Downtown Columbus: Population increase hasn't translated into retail growth
  91. A major new city rises in Brazil
  92. Result: Public's pessimism is fodder for 2007
  93. Shrinking cities reinvent themselves
  94. Dubai's new prospectors strike again
  95. Columbus: In High Gear
  96. Year End Homicide Totals
  97. USA City Security..How do you rate?
  98. The Death & Life of Great American Cities (Notes)
  99. Biggest banking cities
  100. When cities become small towns - thoughts.