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  1. China builds world's longest bridge
  2. High Volume Intersection Study
  3. take a bullet train ride from tokyo to kyoto
  4. The University of Texas launching car-share program
  5. America’s Fastest Growing Form of Transit: The Intercity Bus
  6. Bus Route Cuts Affect Toronto Events
  7. Europe takes a U-turn on parking
  8. 2010 Urban Mobility Report - Congestion Solutions
  9. Charges on Homes, Offices, Shops to Fund Rapid Transit
  10. Can you live car free on Montreals South Shore? Check out the map and see
  11. German Fehmarn and Danish Lolland to be linked by tunnel in ten years
  12. Worthless studies
  13. America falls behind in global competition for strong and reliable infrastructure
  14. With Los Angeles as Inspiration, San Diego Enviros Call for 50/10 Plan
  15. Automotive Critic Blames Pedestrian Deaths on "Negligent Pedestrians"
  16. NYC: To Expand, Airports May Need Radical Alterations, Report Says
  17. Transit: Subsidized travel for downtown workers?
  18. Google Engineer Turns Subway Lines Into Musical Instruments
  19. Montreal Transit Photos
  20. With a Deep Dig Into Its Past, Perugia Built an Energy-Saving Future
  21. The City of the Future is an Air Hub
  22. Top Ten U.S. Cities for Public Transit
  23. 160,000 Toronto residents to lose late night transit within easy walking distance
  24. Kansas (+OK) Passenger Rail Thread
  25. The big picture: Boeing unveils 747-8 Intercontinental
  26. Transit-themed desktop wallpapers
  27. Austin lawyer brings Hungary automaker here
  28. New MD toll road has no toll booths; is electronic-pay-only
  29. Elevated rail line breaks ground in Hawaii
  30. Federal Lending Should Support Local Transit Funds
  31. To Stay Connected to Jobs, New Yorkers Need Better Bus Service
  32. The Colourful Buses of Seoul So That Riders Can Spot Them Easily
  33. NYC Asks Banks For Ideas on Parking Privatization
  34. Debating growth limits in a downtown? Consider transportation
  35. How bicycling will save the economy (if we let it)
  36. Obama calls for 77 percent rise in transit construction
  37. Downtown need a makeover? More cities are razing urban highways
  38. There’s a reason Washington can’t get Americans out of their cars
  39. Passengers and Motor Vehicles per capita by country
  40. Rail and transit web links
  41. New Toronto Subway Station Designs
  42. Japan launches 'Hayabusa' bullet train
  43. Buffalo - Rail extension idea pulled out of storage
  44. U.S.A | Driving Up, But Down Per Capita
  45. Dutch Design Superbus - Bus Of The Future?
  46. Behind the Scenes in Calgary
  47. Latin America’s Bus Rapid Transit Boom Offers Lessons for the U.S.
  48. Detroit's light rail rap video
  49. Why won't people take transit for short trips?
  50. World's Busiest Airports - 2010 Edition
  51. Study Finds Access to Mobile Information Could Raise the Status of Public Transit
  52. Stepping out: your favourite cities to walk around
  53. The End Of The Road: Saying Goodbye To Freeways
  54. Five keys to successful retail in a transit-oriented development
  55. Transit problems across Canada prompt calls for politicians to address issue
  56. Opposition To City Centre Ban On Petrol Cars By 2050
  57. Poor public transportation design in the 21st Century
  58. APTA 4th quarter transit ridership numbers in
  59. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s transit plan wins provincial approval
  60. Traffic fatalities fall to lowest level since 1949
  61. Mobility's diminishing returns analysis
  62. Edmonton First to Receive Alberta’s Green TRIP Grant for LRT
  63. The 30th Anniversary of the C-Train in Calgary
  64. Calgary International Airport - New Terminal, Runway, Control Tower
  65. At 85 mph, Texas could have highest speed limits in the nation
  66. High-Speed Rail Is Good for Business
  67. Infrastructure: What's It Going to Take?
  68. Bike Freeway almost ready to open in Toronto. Check it out
  69. Metro North Railroad (MNRR)
  70. Free Parking or Free Markets
  71. Gaithersburg, Maryland proposal for BRT network
  72. BC SkyTrain takes exception for button displaying the f-word
  73. Long Island Railroad (LIRR)
  74. Your Bike Rides
  75. MBTA Urban & Regional Rail
  76. Vancouver could tear down two downtown viaducts, creating 5 acres of developable land
  77. The 13 Best U.S. Cities for Public Transit
  78. Highest (Proportional) Riderships - Urban Rail Systems
  79. Metro Atlanta requests a transit future
  80. More transit improvements coming to Brampton. A model suburb for transit
  81. How does the Philly Sports Express trains work?
  82. Commuter Rail Debates
  83. Will London’s New Wayfinding System Get More People Walking?
  84. What if the Interstate system never was built by the federal government?
  85. Help Us Find the Worst Road in America Read more: Worst Roads in America - U.S. Road
  86. Hampton Roads bus ridership growth a stark contrast to declining trend nationwide
  87. Bloomington Transit
  88. New Report: Transit-Oriented Development Strategic Plan for Portland
  89. Bus transit system in your city
  90. Germany Explores Using Train Lines as a Power Grid
  91. Fallbrook is geared up to go global with its revolutionary vehicle transmission
  92. Israel's Electric Car Network
  93. 'Complete streets' speeds past a milestone
  94. BART to bring mobile seat lab to public
  95. "1/4th mile" as the benchmark that people are willing to walk to take transit?
  96. Maps showing the (d)evolution of Amtrak service, 1971-2011
  97. A reopening rail station promotes retrofit of Long Island workplace hub
  98. Aerotropolis St. Louis
  99. DOT’s Annual Scorecard Confirms: Most New Yorkers Don’t Shop and Drive
  100. Grand Rapids transit millage narrowly passes, city to get BRT line