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  1. St. Louis 'Outer Belt' Completed
  2. Spirit of Victory Prevails at Opening of New Bay Bridge
  3. Across U.S., bridges crumble as repair funds fall short
  4. Houston Spaceport
  5. U.S. Midwestern Cities Using Transit as Economic Development Tool
  6. Japan's Chuo Shinkansen: 581km/h Super-conducting Maglev
  7. Minneapolis transit station will be like NYC's Grand Central Station
  8. Tel Aviv Light Rail Project?
  9. Miami-Dade Transit fares will increase on Oct 1
  10. Nicaragua, China bet $40 billion on a canal to rival Panama
  11. Oklahoma City streetcar!
  12. Proposal will make Downtown Pittsburgh core totally bus-free
  13. Houston: New street plan gives walkers, cyclists their share
  14. The Unique Genius of Hong Kong's Public Transportation System
  15. Are bike friendly community awards biased towards the west?
  16. Flyover infrastructure serving coastal cities
  17. FRA crash requirements to be lowered to European standards in 2015
  18. Great Mass Transit Doesn't Have to Cost a Fortune
  19. Transit Psychology: the bus vs. the train
  20. Raising Fares Is Not the Only Way to Fund Public Transportation
  21. US Cities Ranked by Most Bike Commuters
  22. DC proposes 70 miles of cycletracks
  23. The Perk of Public Transit: Offering Employees an Affordable Commute
  24. Late 2013 / early 2014 US rail transit grand openings (there are a lot)
  25. San Diego OKs plan to double bicycle network
  26. Cincinnati council votes to build its streetcar after all
  27. Replace the Gas Tax with a "Ton-Mile Fee"
  28. High Speed Trains are Killing the European Railway Network (Commentary)
  29. US bikesharing systems ranked by size, 2013
  30. U.S. Light and Heavy Rail Ridership, Q3 2013
  31. Transit Expansion in American Cities Fails to Halt Transit Usage Declines
  32. What will transportation look like in 2030?
  33. New York City - West Side Highway burial 59th-72nd Street
  34. United Airlines drops Cleveland as hub airport
  35. Light rail linking Minneapolis, St. Paul downtowns goes green June 14
  36. How to get Americans riding bikes.
  37. New Orleans: Cesar Pelli designed North Terminal for Louis Armstrong International
  38. Atlanta streetcar arrives in Atlanta and is officially unveiled
  39. UK light rail / tram systems ranked by ridership
  40. Problem: Can the current U.S. road system handle future urban growth efficiently?
  41. APTA: Record 10.7 Billion Trips Taken On U.S. Public Transportation In 2013
  42. US Light and Heavy Rail Ridership, Q4 2013
  43. London HS2
  44. Florida's New 75 MPH Speed Limits Are Closer To Becoming Reality
  45. Transit agencies using innovative ways to put their system maps on the Web?
  46. How Access to Cars Could Help the Poor
  47. Texas On "Fast Track" To High Speed Rail
  48. Miami to Miami Beach Baylink Light rail plan moves forward
  49. The controversy surrounding the Minneapolis southwest LRT
  50. How many cities in the US have at least one subway station?
  51. Sorry, gridlock is unfixable
  52. Large US Cities' Bike and Pedestrian Commuter Share
  53. Chattanooga explores local light rail
  54. Electric vehicles at the US DOT headquarters
  55. Solar roadways
  56. EU road fatalities halved
  57. White House opens door to tolls on interstate highways
  58. HSR Proposed for Ontario, Canada
  59. The DC region has over 250 miles of planned light rail, streetcar, & BRT
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  61. Chinese experts 'in discussions' over building high-speed Beijing-US railway
  62. PHILADELPHIA: PHL International Airport Expansion
  63. Are Streetcars Just for Tourists?
  64. China Built A Prototype For A Train Capable Of Reaching 1,800 MPH
  65. Why cyclists should be able to roll through stop signs and ride through red lights
  66. Houston's Reimagined Bus System
  67. Siemens Report: Public-Private Partnership Success Stories
  68. Yekaterinburg transportation
  69. Making Transit maps?
  70. The Autonomous Cars News, Development, and Discussion Thread
  71. Staggering toll: Car crashes cost $871 billion a year
  72. People Express announces flights to Newark, Boston, Pittsburgh from Newport News!
  73. Proposed new high-speed rail Houston-Dallas
  74. To Lure Bostonians, New ‘Pop-Up’ Bus Service Learns Riders’ Rhythms
  75. How to Make Mass Transit Financially Sustainable Once and for All
  76. How Cars, Not Subways, Will Make Us Richer (Commentary)
  77. The Case for Tearing Down Park-and-Ride Lots
  78. hkskyline's 2013 Flight Reports Thread
  79. What Transit Will Actually Look Like in the New Suburbia
  80. DC / Virginia Silver Line to open July 26
  81. Solar freakin roadways!
  82. FAA Eyes Lower Building Height Limit Near Airports
  83. New hover car trial planned for Tel Aviv
  84. Sweden proposes new bike path to Copenhagen
  85. Why Cars Remain So Appealing Even in Cities With Decent Public Transit
  86. Light rail inspires futuristic vision for U of MN area
  87. Big weekend for transit opens: Tuscon streetcar, DC Silver Ln, Denver Union Station
  88. Nate Silver & 538 take on transit statistics. Great analysis, deeper than we've seen
  89. Argentina Highways
  90. Danish tourists lament Canadian car culture
  91. San Diego | Transit News
  92. Putting Rail Lines in Highway Medians
  93. 2014 Top Bike-Friendly Cities (Bicycling Magazine)
  94. Raleigh Union Station "most exciting train station project happening in the county"
  95. A 45-year-old plan to end Harrisburg's commuter problem – how little has changed
  96. Spirit Airlines is coming to Cleveland
  97. Busiest U.S. Heavy Rail and Light Rail Systems: Q2 2014
  98. New Driveless (Tube) London Underground Trains
  99. hkskyline's 2014 Plane Spotting Thread
  100. Adding On-demand bus service to the transit equation