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View Full Version : Building Requests & Database Corrections

  1. How to request a building or city
  2. REQUEST: 3 blds in Sthlm
  3. REQUEST: 3 Swedish churches
  4. REQUEST: One Church in Berg, Sweden
  5. BUILDING REQUEST: Hexin Shangzuo, Taiyuan
  6. BUILDING REQUEST: International Energy Center, Taiyuan
  7. BUILDING REQUEST: Shanxi Post Mansion
  8. CORRECTIONS: Taiyuan
  9. BUILDING REQUEST: Yuhuang Mansion, Taiyuan
  10. BUILDING REQUEST: Shanxi Jiaomei Mansion, Taiyuan
  11. BUILDING REQUEST: Millennium Force Roller Coaster
  12. BUILDING REQUEST: Yingxi Mansion, Taiyuan
  13. BUILDING REQUEST: China Coal Trading Center Exchange Building, Taiyuan
  14. BUILDING REQUEST: Wufeng International, Taiyuan
  15. CORRECTIONS: Chengdu, China
  16. Craigkelly TV Tower
  17. Fremont Point TV Tower
  18. Wotton-under-Edge BT Tower
  19. Heaton Park BT Tower
  20. Sutton Common BT Tower
  21. Purdown BT Tower
  22. Tolsford Hill BT Tower
  23. Tinshill BT Tower
  24. Turners Hill BT Tower
  25. Coordinates to be added
  26. Database Corrections for Washington, DC
  27. Lockton Center, Denver, Built, 36M/118’
  28. Governor's Center II, Denver, Built, 9 stories, 40M/131’
  29. Penn VII, Denver, Built, 12 Stories, 38M/126’
  30. One Park Place, Denver, Built, 10 Stories, 36M/117’