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Dec 1, 2006, 5:19 PM
Building Request Form
( Drawing Available )
Official sources: http://www.skyscrapercity.info/100.php?id=4&bid=835
Unofficial sources: http://home.planet.nl/~hansvw/water/sites/body_alme1926.html

Building Name: Watertoren Almelo
Native Name: Water tower Almelo
Other Names:
Address: Reggestraat 7
City: Almelo
Postal Code: 7607
State/Province: Overijssel
Country: Netherlands
Official Building Website URL:
Skyscrapers.com (Emporis.info) URL:
Architect: Unknown
Interesting Facts/Records (in own words): 1 reservoir 750 m3

- antenna:
- spire:
- roof: 38.1 m
- top floor:
- other heights:

Current Building Status (Built, Proposed, Canceled, Destroyed, etc...): Built

Construction Dates--
- started:
- finished: 1926
- destroyed:

Above ground floors:
Below ground floors:
Floor-to-floor height:
Gross Floor area:
Elevator count:
Unit count:

Structure Type(s): Water tower
Building Use(s): Mechanical
Building Style(s):
Building Materials: Concrete, stone, glass

Dec 2, 2006, 3:11 AM
Not that you want to know, but I've finally found out what the American equivalent to a Netherlands "municipality" is. A Dutch municipality is equivalent to an American "county" in that it is a smaller divison which is not a city put located within a state/province. The major difference though is that incorporated towns/cities/villages within American counties have much greater independence than towns/cities/villages in Dutch municipalities, it seems.