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Feb 6, 2007, 2:08 AM
Use: Hotel instead of unknown
source: http://www.bluetree.com.br/index_ing.asp
address: Av. Roque Petroni Jr., 1000
CEP: 04707-000
São Paulo - SP
Tel.: +55 (0)11 5187-1200
Fax: +55 (0)11 5187-1221

thanks for reparing and completing the Bldg. :tup:

Name: Comfort Jardim Europa

Reason: Comfort in English is not confort with `n` but with `m`, the district in Sao Paulo is Jardim (Portuguese as Garden in English) Europa, as in that neiborhood has a lot of european houses style because the district was made by english Company city and is prohibited to build new bldgs by law. It has only beautiful houses in several styles. This bldg is near this distric, so receive its name.