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Feb 10, 2007, 2:28 PM
Official sources: http://www.sobor.odessa.ua/
Втрачені об'єкти архітектурної спадщини України - Київ - НДIТIАМ - Головкиївархiтектура - 2002, building 385, pages 467-470

Building Name: The Savior's Transfiguration Cathedral
Native Name: Спасо-Преображенский собор
Address: Soborna square
City: Odessa
Postal Code: 65000
State/Province: Odesska
Country: Ukraine
Official Building Website URL: http://www.sobor.odessa.ua/

- spire: 77.2m top of belfry cross http://www.sobor.odessa.ua/public.php?id=32
- roof: 45.2m belfry

- foundation: -17m
- roof: 43.5m main dome
- spire: 51m main dome
Length: 90.6m
Width: 46.6m

Current Building Status - built

Construction Dates--
- started: 2000
- finished: 2005

Floor count: 4

Structure Type: church
Building Use: religious
Building Styles: •neoclassical
Building Materials: reinforced concrete

•(in various years and of various parts of protoplastic building): V.Vanrezant, F.Frapolli, G.Frapolli, G.Toricelli, F.Shestakov, F.Boffo, A.Shashin, F.Gonsiorovski, N.Tolvinski, D.G.Heidenreich, D.Visconti, O.Rusk, F.Morandi, A.Todorovich, L.Prokopovich;
•(rebuilt): "Odesproject" (V.Mescheryakov, A.Martynenko) and "Ukrprojectrestoration" (S.Yurchenko)

Interesting Facts/Records:
• Three domes (main and two lateral) and three naves (main and two lateral)
• The cathedral was one of the first great buildings in Odessa (City was founded in 1793, cathedral was concluded to built in 1794)
• The Savior's Transfiguration Cathedral was built in 1795-1796 and 1804-1808. Its belfry was built in 1827-1837. They were many times rebuilt in 1842-1846, 1849-1853 and 1900-1903. In 1936 they were destroyed by Soviet power.
• In the cathedral 12000 people can be placed
• At first the belfry was built in 2000-2001, after the cathedral was in 2002-2005