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Mar 31, 2007, 7:48 PM
Official sources: http://www.investimoveisbrasilia.com.br/empreendimento.asp?item=235
Unofficial sources: http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=414206

1) Building Name: Residencial Atol Das Rocas
Native Name:
Other Names:
Address: Av. das Castanheiras Lote 350 - ÁGUAS CLARAS
City: Taguatinga - DF
Postal Code: 71900-100
State/Province: Distrito Federal
Country: Brazil
Official Building Website URL: http://www.atolelaguna.com.br/
Skyscrapers.com (Emporis.info) URL:
Architect: Accioly e Catelli Arquitetura, Plan Arquitetura, Arq.Daniel Fujiwara, Arq. Luiza de Souza da Costa Fontana, Project Executive CIAARQ, Arq. Valéria Cimatti, Visual Communication Mundo Quatro Arquitetos
Construction: Supera Engenharia LTDA
Interesting Facts/Records (in own words): 3 Towers with several services as laundry, bicycle room, office, Pool, Bar , Fitness, Lan House, Goumet Space, Cinema, Sauna, Party Saloon, Play Ground, Pizzaria, Barbicue Space and others. Laguna Mall Convenience


- antenna:
- spire:
- roof: 35m, 52.5m, 42m
- top floor:
- other heights:

Current Building Status (Built, Proposed, Canceled, Destroyed, etc...): under-construction

Construction Dates--
- started: 2007
- finished: 2010
- destroyed:

Above ground floors: 10,15,12
Below ground floors: 2
Floor-to-floor height:
Gross Floor area:
Elevator count: 2 per tower
Unit count: 72,108,88 = 268 for residential. 20 offices and 23 stores in Mall = 43 for commercial

Structure Type(s): Highrise
Building Use(s): Residential
Building Style(s): Modern
Building Materials: Concrete, Brick, Steel, Alumnium, Glass

Thanks for including. :tup:

Apr 1, 2007, 5:21 AM
What are the sources for the height? Are these estimates? If so, they must be listed as such.

Apr 1, 2007, 4:17 PM
All those information were taken from Magazine 'Guia Qual Imóvel' www.guiaqualimovel.com.br (http://www.guiaqualimovel.com.br) from Edition 1 Year 1 Dezember/January 2007 from Abril Editora as courtesy free in newspaper stores where the buildings are proposed as launch or to sell. This magazine include all sources that I put in my request. It is a compendium each month from the constructors so it does not have editors. Says only editor Abril. Thanks :previous:

Apr 2, 2007, 3:31 AM

Lastly, before I add these, I need to know if Taguatinga is its own municipality, or if it's simply a neighborhood in Brasília? It appears that Brasília and the Distrito Federal are one-and-the-same, but I'm not sure.

Apr 2, 2007, 7:46 AM
Surrounding Brasília at Distrito Federal, many satelite cities as peripherie neighboorhoods have been developed together. It is kind of labor city to construct Brasília in '60 years. Now I do not know exactly if their share the same municipality or has different political affairs. Taguatinga has a regional administration, but belongs to Distrito Federal government. See here http://www.taguatinga.df.gov.br/:cheers:

Apr 2, 2007, 9:01 AM

I did some more research, and found out that Brasilia isn't even a real city, and is actually ruled by the federal government. It is divided into administrative regions, but those aren't even cities, so, techniquely, Taguatinga isn't a city. I guess this request will simply be added to the Brasilia diagram, then.


Apr 2, 2007, 6:31 PM

According to this, says that Taguatinga is an adminstrative region or satelite-city of Federal District. Says also that the city was found in 1958 in a ground as farm before. The indigena name signifies White Clay, but the population translate wrongly as White Bird. In the beginning the city was called Vila Sarah Kubitschek with the name further changed to Santa Cruz de Taguatinga and now only Taguatinga. This satelite city was created to avoid invations in Brasília. The work force deslocated from whole Brazil to built the new Capital made in Taguatinga their home. The majority were poor people who invaded spaces and built slams. It is 25km from Piloto Plan, name of the administrative region of Brasília. Although some plan was given to the satelite cities, they were basic slams out of the centre. It was an important commercial center inside the Federal District. Some big Malls were there criated. Taguatinga today is the economic capital of Federal District with a population of 243.159 habitants in 2000 (http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/2000).

@LMich, make then your conclusions. For me both Brasília and Taguatinga, besides are together situated belongs to the Federal District with distinct political administration. Both are artificial cities. Brasília is the political point where people work and make residences in the city-neighboorhood Taguatinga among other aprox. 20 ones.