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Jul 4, 2007, 6:14 PM
Official sources:
Unofficial sources: http://www.loebau.info/netprodukt/web/html/loebau5/home_3_4_2.html

Building Name: König-Friedrich-August-Turm
Native Name:
Other Names: King-Friedrich-August-Tower
Address: Löbauer Berg
City: Löbau
Postal Code: 02708
State/Province: Saxony
Country: Germany
Official Building Website URL:
Skyscrapers.com (Emporis.info) URL:
Architect: Friedrich August Bretschneider jun.
Interesting Facts/Records (in own words): Only observation tower of cast iron. Perhaps oldest tower of iron.

Tower was dismantled in 1993 and rebuilt in 1994 after the segments were renovated.


- antenna:
- spire: 28 metres
- roof:
- top floor:
- other heights:
observation galleries: 12, 18, 24 metres

Current Building Status (Built, Proposed, Canceled, Destroyed, etc...): Built

Construction Dates--
- started: 1854
- finished: 1854
- destroyed:

Above ground floors:
Below ground floors:
Floor-to-floor height:
Gross Floor area:
Elevator count:
Unit count: 1

Structure Type(s): Tower
Building Use(s): Observation
Building Style(s):
Building Materials: Cast iron

City Name: Löbau
Native Name:
State/Province: Saxony
Country: Germany
Population: 18022
Population Source & Year: http://www.destatis.de/cgi-bin/druckansicht_gvsuche.pl?200774195747.htm (2005)

Jul 4, 2007, 6:35 PM
A further web source for this tower is http://en.structurae.de/structures/data/index.cfm?ID=s0028087 ( Editing of message did not work)

Jul 4, 2007, 8:32 PM
The professional world about the Löbauer tower: " ... to a cast iron object of very rare kind ..., to the cast-iron observation tower of Löbau in Saxony which has originated in 1854, so only three years after his technical model, Paxtons London Kristallpallast. This like a filigree pagoda seeming octagonal, almost net-like transparent thing is the only cast-iron observation tower in Europe.It is a work an assembly construction, a work of the sculptor and Modelleurs Marquart from the Bernsdorfer foundry like Paxtons. " Extract from the speech of Prof. Sperlich, in June, 1993 in Wismar

Height: 28 metres
diameter 4 metres of octagonal form,
8 m in the rock founded 4 floors inside 3 galleries at 12-, 18-and 24-metre height.
120 steps - spiral staircase.

More than 1,000 individual parts with a weight of 70 metric tons were used. The parts are primarily fitted together and nailed up with lead. The architecture of the tower corresponds to a neostyle of the 19-th century which orientates itself, above all, by the Byzantine and Gothic ornamental art. :tup: :yes: