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Jul 8, 2007, 5:09 PM
Source: http://guiadasemana.com.br/detail.as...1285&cd_city=1 (http://guiadasemana.com.br/detail.asp?/Edificio_Dacon/NOITE/SAO_PAULO/&a=1&ID=8&cd_place=1285&cd_city=1)
http://www.joneslanglasalle.com.br/p...sale/Dacon.htm (http://www.joneslanglasalle.com.br/pt-BR/properties/sale/Dacon.htm)
Avenida Cidade Jardim, 350/400 x Av. Faria Lima 680/700
Jardim Paulistano - Zona Sul - CEP 3079-0300
Built: 1978 http://www.officespace.com.br/SubMktBlds.cfm?RgnNm=SP&MajMktNm=Sul&SubMktNm=FL&ST=1
Area: 11000m2

Style: Modern
Materials: Glass, Reinforced Concrete, Steel

Building Website: http://www.obvio.ind.br/Historia%20da%20DACON.htm
Interesting facts:
The Building Dacon, inaugurated in the beginning of the 80 years, came to bring the opulence of the towers from glass to Sao Paulo. Formed by a cylindrical tower of 96 meters of height with Japanese greenish glass, it became a symbol of sophistication and of being able in the beginning of that decade. They had offices in the Tôrre, between others, the ex-Minister (when Dílson Funaro already died), ex-Minister Ozires Silva, ex-minister Zélia Cardoso de Mello. In the building important Automobile Representation from Volkswagen, Dacon, BMW, Porsche, Maserati, Citroen and British Leyland had here its address. During the latest years a helipod was on its top built, elevating the height to 101m.

Style: Modern
Materials: Glass, Reinforced Concrete, Granit, Steel
Address: Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima 1.355 (http://www.officespace.com.br/LocationMap.cfm?&RgnNm=SP&BldgNm=BrgFL), Pinheiros SP-SP 01452-002

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Jul 9, 2007, 2:23 AM
For "Request: Other Buildings" you actually have to request them, as some of them are already in the database, and some aren't, and I'm not going to sort through them all. Figure out which ones are currently in the database, and which aren't, and then post those that need to be added in the proper request form.