View Full Version : CRTC Rejects Complaints against Bratina

Jun 25, 2008, 8:56 PM
From today's Spec (http://www.thespec.com/News/BreakingNews/article/392522):

Bratina’s politics and radio do mix: Watchdog

June 25, 2008
— The Hamilton Spectator

The national watchdog for broadcast ethics says Bob Bratina is breaking no rules by being an elected city councillor and expressing political opinions on his CHML morning show.

In decisions released today, the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council’s Ontario regional panel rejected listener complaints about Bratina and Belleville Councillor Jack Miller, who also hosts a morning radio talk show.

Both complainants argued it’s a conflict of interest for elected officials to hold on-air jobs allowing them to promote their political points of view.

But the standards panel said there is nothing “inherently incompatible between the holding or seeking of office by an individual, on the one hand, and being on air, on the other,” except during an election campaign.

Occassionally free speech in today's society does prevail.