View Full Version : CORRECTION: 1 building | Banfield BA, ARGENTINA

Jan 9, 2018, 12:35 AM
Alsina 770: https://skyscraperpage.com/cities/?buildingID=115111

I don't have a photo, but this building is already under construction and it started in 2017.

This guy lives there and he said in December that the construction was "already on the first floor" ("Esto ya está en el primer piso"; remember that the first floor in Argentina is the second floor in the USA):


I asked him again, to clear up doubts, and he confirmed it to me ("I think it was December 10 when it was on the first floor. It must be a little more advanced now." / "creo que fue el 10 de diciembre que estaba en el primer piso. Ya debe estar un poco más avanzado."):


You can also see that the building is marked as "Works in progress" (Obras en ejecución) on this page: http://www.fabiantortello.com.ar/emprendimientos.htm