View Full Version : CORRECTION: 1 building | Rosario SF, ARGENTINA

Dec 27, 2018, 7:20 PM
Why was the height of this building removed in the diagram?

https://skyscraperpage.com/cities/?buildingID=92923 (https://skyscraperpage.com/cities/?buildingID=92923)

Here it is:

Roof height: 140,7 m

Source: https://www.skyscrapercenter.com/building/maui-i/14858 (if it doesn't load correctly, try this link (https://web.archive.org/web/20170901010847/https://www.skyscrapercenter.com/building/maui-i/14858))

This height was confirmed by an architect of the project team about 6 years ago (the level 0.00 m is at 21.54 m above sea level. The maximum height of the tower is 162.19 m above sea level, so the exact height of the tower is 140.65 m) and is also consistent with Google Earth 3D.