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xzmattzx Mar 23, 2015 1:39 PM

Chesterfield Court House, VA
Chesterfield Court House is an unincorporated community, and the seat of Chesterfield County, south of Richmond. The population is around 3,500.

Chesterfield Court House, or alternatively known as Chesterfield, has been the seat of Chesterfield County since the county's inception in 1749, except when it was moved during Reconstruction to Manchester in 1870. When Manchester became an independent city in 1874, the county seat was moved back in 1876.

The county has grown immensely population-wise since World War II as suburban sprawl from Richmond sprouted up around the county. Today, the unincorporated Chesterfield Court House is surrounded by sprawl, and there are no natural or physical barriers to easily separate the unincorporated community from any other nearby communuity. The community has also built several administrative buildings to house the expanding county government, which serves the growing population.

The Chesterfield County Courthouse, in the center of the courthouse green off of Iron Bridge Road and Wagners Way. The courthouse was built in 1917 on the site of the 1749 courthouse, which was demolished to make way for this building.

The courthouse is still used today for the Chesterfield County Juvenile Court.

The Confederate Monument, in the southeast corner of the courthouse square. The monument was dedicated in 1903.

The old Clerk's Office, on the north side of the courthouse square. The office was built in 1889, and now houses the county's Cooperative Extension.

The former Chesterfield County Treasurer's Office, at the northeast corner of the courthouse green. The office, which is now the home of the county's Department of Parks and Recreation, was built in 1930.

A replica of the old Chesterfield County Courthouse, on the courthouse square behind the current courthouse. The replica is of the courthouse dating from 1750, which was demolished in 1916 to be replaced by the current courthouse. It was built in 1977, and houses a museum.

The old Chesterfield County Jail, on the northwest corner of the courthouse square. The jail was built in 1892. It is now a museum.

The Chesterfield County Administration Building, on the northwest corner of the courthouse square by Lori Road. The structure was built in the late 1960s.

The old Trinity Church, now home of the Chesterfield Historical Society, off of Iron Bridge Road at Krause Road. The former Methodist church was built in 1887.

Castlewood, or the Poindexter House, off of Iron Bridge Road. The house was built in 1817 as a plantation house.

Magnolia Grange, off of Iron Bridge Road. The former plantation house was built in 1823.

A small office building off of Iron Bridge Road, built in 1975 in a Colonial style.

A small office building off of Iron Bridge Road, near the courthouse square.

A bank building off of Iron Bridge Road, in the Colonial Revival style that is popular throughout Virginia.

An office on Courtview Lane. The Georgian Revival structure was built in 1981.

Houses on Husting Road. Suburban developments surround Chesterfield, which was largely rural until after World War II.

The Chesterfield County Courts Building, off of Courthouse Road. The structure was built in 1989, and houses the circuit and general district courts.

Murphy de la Sucre Feb 2, 2016 5:52 AM

The town looks fine and decent, thanks for sharing.

kcexpress69 Feb 4, 2016 3:17 AM

Holy crap!! My cousin just lives a few miles down Iron Bridge Road, in a large Victorian House on a bunch of acreage. I've been there many times for family reunions and for visits!! I have quite a bit of family in and around the Richmond area. Nice pictures!!

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