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Andreva Oct 6, 2017 8:53 AM

Request new diagram: Skyscraper horizon radar

I would like to suggest a new way to look at skyscraper. Imagine you live in a skyscraper yourself and you wonder what skyscrapers you can see when looking around. Which is what? What is the name?
A radar could be line with 360 degrees scale, with al the syskrapers around within let say 10 or 20 km, are plotted on the scale by degree. where the name of a skyscraper, its azimuth or direction, distance, height and evt href link is plotted.

So you can see with a compass which building is where, and vice versa. It makes it easier to humanly interprete the surroundings on a certain position, much better then a map.

Can this be developed? The database is perfectly for this.
Even some kind of height scale can be created. The higher a building, the higher the line on that position. Two times further away and and the line is half as long, so the line height on a certain position matches the real horizon imprint of what you can see.

I wonder what you think of this idea.


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