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salayatana Apr 4, 2015 3:17 PM

help - Traditional Fenghuang house project
I am inspired to start a project building a miniature traditional Chinese house, base on Phoenix Ancient Town, Fenghuang in Hunan Province. So far I am collecting as many pictures as I can from the internet on my research.
I am looking for dimensions. If I could get typical room height, doors and windows, using photographs, I could generate some other dimensions. Looks like the houses foundation were built using bricks or stones with wooden frames. Doors and window made of woods. They also use bamboo for structures. The interior and roof construction is still needing more research. From the pictures there are several different roof tile structures.
In addition to that, I would really appreciate it, If anyone has and willing to share some detail, high resolution pictures on Fenghuang houses or traditional Chinese houses in general.

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