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Viperlord May 21, 2009 12:37 AM

Salt Lake:Official development news thread - Part 2
This thread is the second installment of the "Salt Lake:Official development news thread"

The original thread's last page can be accessed at the following link:

The Unofficial Downtown Salt Lake City Project Rundown List

Disclaimer: Information contained in this Project Rundown List could change at any time, and should not be used for anything other than this forums discussions, and its informational purposes.

City Creek Center
Under Construction

Building 2- The Cascade
Other: Residential Condos. The base has been constructed up to level 2. The residential units above will be constructed as economic conditions and demand grow.

Harmons Grocery store
Under Construction
Floors: 3

Social Hall Tower 1
Floors: unknown
Other: Residential.On Hold until market demand improves.

CCC Tower 8
Floors: 20ish
Other: Future Planned Tower. Timeline unknown.

Glass Tower
Other: This location is currently being thrown around as part of the Theater mixed use development to the South. Timeline unknown.

World Trade Center plaza
Floors:Unknown, but RFPs call for a 25-30 floor tower
Address: The location of this rendering shows 200 South and State Street, but no official site has been chosen yet.
Other:Future Planned... looking for 700,000 sq ft of office space. They are looking for a plaza of buildings as well. We could see a smaller 10-15 floor tower on the plaza as well, as seen in the pic. Final renderings have not been released yet.

RDA state street plaza
Floors:10 & 7

Wasatch Properties 400 south and state street property
Floors: unknown
Address: 400 South State Street
Other: The developer is in early plans to develop a mixed-use devlopment on the site. In planning phase. Early Preliminary drawings and tentative plans call for a large office tower onsite. Timeline unknown.

Questar Gas Headquarters
Under Construction
Floors: 7

US Federal Courthouse
Under Construction

508 South Temple Condos
Floors:4,6 or 12
Other: Residential Condos in planning phase. Joint Venture investment opportunity on exclusive South Temple in downtown Salt Lake City. Joint Venture partner sought to help bring the full value of this unique property to fruition. The development has four options which may include developing luxury residential condo space. Currently medical office space.

Salt City Plaza
Floors: 4 & 5
Other: Mixed use development. Will contain 2 buildings, and a parking structure
StayBridge Suites
Holiday Inn

Broadway Park Lofts
Under Construction
Floors: three 7-8 story buildings

Metro Park West
Floors: 8 stories
Other:71 Residential Condos. On Hold until market demand improves.

Providence Place
Under Construction
Floors: 7 stories
Other: 125 Residential Apartments.

Broadway Place Apartments
Under Construction
Floors: 4 Stories

Eastside Apartments
Under Construction
Floors: 3-6 stories

City Center lofts
Floors: 7 story building
Other:8 residential units. constructed from unused cargo containers. in planning phase.

Bridges at citifront phase 3
Under Construction
Floors: 2 buildings-4 stories each

Kennedy Town Center Condominiums
Under Construction
Floors: 4-5 stories

Gateway Office building
Under Construction

Liberty Gateway
Floors: 5 stories
Other: 160 Residential units. Currently in planning stage.

Ninth Street Place
Floors: 5 stories

Capital Theater- Ballet West academy
Floors: 4

Metaview Condominiums
Floors: 2

IHC Clinic
Under Construction
Floors: 4

Public Safety Building
Under Construction
Floors: 4

Madeline Apartments
Floors: 6

Cultural Block District
Floors: unknown
Address: 2 blocks bordered by West Temple, 100 South, State Street and 200 South.
Other: More of a guideline than a specific project. This is a vision for the two blocks.

Gale Street Development,00.html
Floors: unknown
Address: 529 South 340 West
Other:A development is planned for Gale Street,7.9 acres at 529 S. Gale St. (340 West) that will feature recreational space such as an ice-skating rink, golf-driving range or bowling alley, as well as movie theaters, indoor and outdoor retail space and condos. The development will be modeled after the Westgate City Center in Glendale, Ariz., which has residential, retail, offices, hotels and an arena that is home to the Phoenix Coyotes, a National Hockey League team.

WestGate Business Center Block Development
Floors: unknown
Address: 100 South 300 West Block
Other:The owner of the Westgate Business Center and Westgate Lofts in downtown Salt Lake City has purchased a 3.25 acre parcel on the northeast corner of 100 South and 300 West, Salt Lake City, where plans call for the development of a high-end hotel, retail establishments, apartments, condos and office space. Richard Gordon said he will sell between one and one and-a-half acres of the site to an established Las Vegas hotel development group that is "going to do something really wonderful over there. It will be high quality, probably not a five-star, but probably operate like a five-star." This is long-term thinking; we don't have specific plans, but we're looking at some high-rises for some condos and apartments and office buildings.

Occam lofts
Floors: 6 stories
Address: 240 South 500 West
Other: 80 residential units. currently in planning stage.

Huntington Park Condos phase 2
Floors: 4 stories
Address: 500 South 540East
Other:45 residential units. currently in planning phase.

Symphony at the Gateway
Floors: 7
Address: 536 west 100 south
Other: 250-262 Residential units. Currently in planning stage.

955 South 200 West Apartments
Floors: 5 stories
Address: 955 South 200 West
Other: 44 Residential Units.

Newport Citiview
Floors: 4 stories
Address: 325 North 300 West
Other: 45 Residential Units.

Trolley square condos
Floors: unknown "mid-rise tower"
Address: 500 South 700 East
Other:232+/- residential units. Currently in planning stage. Residential units currently put on hold. Timeline unknown.

radi8 condos
Floors: 8
Other: 40 residential units. Currently taking reservations.

Other projects in the works for Downtown SLC include:

-Large 2,500 seat broadway theater.
-Large 1,000+ room convention center hotel.
-Over 4,000 residential units planned/under construction in Downtown Area.
-There have been discussions off and on of various towers and mixed use buildings on Block 70.

Other Projects located within a 3 mile radius of Downtown Salt Lake

Project Universe
Other: mixed use development to be constructed on the parking lot west of Rice Eccles Stadium U of U.

Central Park Condominiums
Address: 1350 South Main Street
Other: located across the street from Franklin Covey Field

Market Station Development
Under Construction
Address: 2100 South Main Street
Other: The 18-acre development will cost $500 million and will extend from 2100 South to 2300 South and Main to State streets. The development would rise 27 stories over the city and include up to 850 housing units, pocket parks, a grocery story, fitness center, day care and restaurants.

SugarHouse block Development
Under Construction
Address: 2100 South & McClelland Street
Other: Mixed use development in sugarhouse. Will include up to 6 stories of offices and 7 stories of condominiums and & retail.

Future Mayor May 21, 2009 1:35 AM

WTF Viper, why did you close the other one and open this one, and delete the link from the first thread to the new thread?

Ilsaz May 21, 2009 1:48 AM

Maybe he objected to the spanish in your threads title? Maybe he wanted his name under it?

Kinda funny if you ask me.

Congrats SLC forumers. You have a pretty city in Deseret and I hope it continues to grow in a smart and sustainable manner.


Future Mayor May 21, 2009 1:49 AM

deleted by author!

delts145 May 21, 2009 4:21 AM

I assume that it's a fairly pronounced forum rule that it is the moderator's perogative to place a new Sticky. Whatever, I wouldn't get too pissed at Viper. He's probably one of the more kind-hearted moderators on the entire forum. I'm sure there's a very legit explanation.

blazefirelight May 21, 2009 4:36 AM

I'm pretty sure that the Mountain America offices downtown are complete. I went there yesterday and cashed a check.

ue May 21, 2009 4:59 AM


Originally Posted by delts145 (Post 4260928)
I assume that it's a fairly pronounced forum rule that it is the moderator's perogative to place a new Sticky. Whatever, I wouldn't get too pissed at Viper. He's probably one of the more kind-hearted moderators on the entire forum. I'm sure there's a very legit explanation.

Moderators make stickies, but they don't have to create the thread.

That being said, just get to discussion (on SLC) already!

Comrade May 21, 2009 5:23 AM

I'm popping my cherry in this thread just so I can see this next to it:

TANGELD_SLC May 21, 2009 10:31 AM

O YAY A NEW THREAD! :psycho: :notacrook:

When you see all of the new developments in the SLC area at once it actually makes you realize just how fortunate we are in our current economic situation :yes:

HERE'S TO THE NEXT 10,000 POSTS! :D :dancing: :banana: :grouphug:

delts145 May 21, 2009 1:29 PM

I'm kind of missing the old thread, but I guess it's time to move on...

Sooo... Here's to North America's most beautifully situated Metro
~ "The Wasatch Front Baby" :whip:

Sunrise over downtown, looking toward City Hall from the rotunda of the Matheson Courthouse
Todd Keith

Morning Sky over Salt Lake Valley

Morning breaks over Southern Metro and Cascade Peak

Sun setting over the beautiful south metro town of Alpine
T Wagner


urbanboy May 21, 2009 5:57 PM

I do love our natural beauty and vistas!!!! Let's do everything needed to preserve them!

I wouldn't say the "town of Alpine" is beautiful, neither would I call it a town. I'd say Mount Timpanogos is beautiful, and Alpine is sprawl; Just another mass of inefficient unsustainable non-transit-oriented subdivisions responsible for clouding our vision, with smog, and our judgement of appropriate scale and responsible living.

It makes sense that Viperlord should start thread 2 because he did start thread 1. Also, I like his project rundown to be the first thread on the first page.

Future Mayor May 21, 2009 6:26 PM

When I started the new thread I wasn't aware of the unwritten rule that the creator of the first thread start the second thread.

Viper, will you please update the projects at the beginning of this thread as people post them.

RDA state street SRO property
Floors: unknown
Address: 241-255 South State Street
Other:RDA has excepted Letters of Intent and is currently in the selection process for developers to submit full plans for the properties.

urbanboy May 21, 2009 6:30 PM

Yes Viperlord, please update the rundown :)

Also, I found this cool article on some blog:


Wizard of the Wasatch (Utah history)
By: Ardis E. Parshall - May 28, 2008
“Out of the cavernous canyons of the Wasatch, shaking off the misty mystery of centuries, in all his magic splendor and mystifying majesty, the Wizard of the Wasatch will come into the city of Salt Lake on the evening of August 9 …”

To Utah readers in the 19-teens, that newspaper announcement made perfect sense. They knew that Hatumai, the Wizard of the Wasatch, lived with Queen Sirrah in a cavern far up City Creek Canyon, attended by legions of fairies. Hatumai was the great Spirit of the state, who eons ago laid down the precious metals and conditioned the soil to bring forth fruits and flowers. He guarded the Indians and guided the pioneers and miners, and once each year he visited his capital city.

If asked how they knew that, Salt Lakers would have feigned wide-eyed surprise at your ignorance – then told you to read HATUMAI backwards.

Hatumai was the creation of Fisher Harris, a Virginian transplanted to Salt Lake in 1889. Harris devoted his life to promoting Utah as a business and tourist destination, and to bridging the social, political, and religious divides of his adopted state.

“There is more romance and beauty hidden in the history of these hills and valleys around us than in any other part of the earth,” he wrote. “That beauty and romance has lain hidden away long enough. It should now be brought out and exhibited to the world.”

Harris announced in 1908 that he had been appointed scribe to the Wizard. He transmitted Hatumai’s orders to the Commercial Club, which, during the summer carnival season, reorganized itself as the Wards of the Wizard of the Wasatch.

The three-day carnivals featured downtown parades of flower-bedecked cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Other parades focused on Utah’s people: mothers pushing baby carriages, schools and fraternal organizations marching together, and military units in formation. Salt Lake’s newsboys, organized into a junior police force with uniforms provided by the Tribune, proudly showed off their newly-acquired marching skills. Other parades were dedicated to commerce.

A favorite feature was the illuminated night-time parade to escort the Wizard and his Queen into the city. The floats in these parades were linked to the overhead electrical lines that powered the street cars; in contrast to city streets that were not yet routinely lighted, these illuminated floats were as magical as Harris could have wished. Costumed Utahns joined the royal couple at a formal ball sponsored by the governor, the mayor, chief officers from Fort Douglas, and social figures from around the state.

Citizens who preferred a more free-wheeling form of amusement repaired to the “Gulch,” an area on Second East from Third to Fourth South, fenced off and devoted to what was discretely called “the spirit of revelry.”

One year Silas Christofferson, the “Birdman of San Francisco,” brought two biplanes to town. His 15-minute flights took place morning and afternoon, thousands of people standing in the streets to watch. Another year a traveling salesman demonstrating a new fire escape leaped from the top of the Walker Building to the pavement below, time and time again, to the delighted terror of his audience. Not to be outdone by an amateur, the Salt Lake Fire Department raised its highest ladder, and firemen took turns jumping into rescue nets.

The Wizard’s carnivals enlivened Utah’s summers for several years, but Harris’s premature death robbed Salt Lake of the real genius behind the Wizard. By carnival season of 1917, the United States had entered World War I, and Utah, anxious to cement its still-shaky position as a loyal and most patriotic state, threw all her energy into patriotic displays and Red Cross work.

The world changed during the years of the war, and Utah put aside the whimsical boosting of its youth to focus instead on the serious adult business of women’s rights, child labor, and liquor control. Hatumai and Sirrah retired to their mountain caverns, their names fading from the memory of their subjects. Might they still be there, waiting for an invitation to return?

The No-Ni-Shee Arch was a temporary archway near the intersection of Main Street and South Temple in downtown Salt Lake City. The archway was built in 1916 for the Wizard of the Wasatch festival.

cololi May 21, 2009 7:53 PM

Awesome find. How cool would it be to bring back the arch, but place it on the south end of Main as the southern entrance.

SLC Projects May 21, 2009 7:54 PM

I like that "The No-Ni-Shee Arch" I wish the city would of kept it. However the top part does block out the View to the North. Nevertheless it would of been really cool so see trax run under it. :yes:

East2Westback May 21, 2009 8:29 PM

Looks a little temporary...

Originally Posted by SLC Projects (Post 4262153)
I like that "The No-Ni-Shee Arch" I wish the city would of kept it. However the top part does block out the View to the North. Nevertheless it would of been really cool so see trax run under it. :yes:

However, that arch looks really temporary. I do love arches in cities though.

urbanboy May 21, 2009 9:30 PM

The article even explained that is was a "temporary arch"


Originally Posted by cololi (Post 4262152)
Awesome find. How cool would it be to bring back the arch, but place it on the south end of Main as the southern entrance.

That's so funny! I was thinking the exact same thing!!!

arkhitektor May 21, 2009 10:24 PM

Or, how about using it as the model in designing the mid-block skybridge over main street? Then it would at least have some sort of historic precedent:


urbanboy May 21, 2009 10:38 PM


I actually offered up this idea a while back.

Also, this arch was the inspiration for the bridge I drew.

WASDEN May 22, 2009 12:38 AM


Anything would be better than the proposed "gerbil tube." I am quite partial to your skybridge design Urbanboy- very classy.

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