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M II A II R II K Jun 6, 2008 5:52 PM

TORONTO | Scotia Plaza | 902 FT / 275 M | 68 FLOORS | 1988
Certainly one of my favourite if not the favourite Canadian skyscrapers out there.

Source: Flickr - ettml

Source: Flickr - prangton

Source: Flickr - Danielle Scott

Source: Flickr - alexindigo

Source: Flickr - vanmessa

Source: Flickr - st-even

Amanita Jun 6, 2008 9:43 PM

One of my favourite Toronto skyscrapers, such a sleek and graceful building.

I love how all the major bank towers at the intersection of King and Bay have different colourings- Scotia Plaza is reddish, First Bank Tower is white, TD Center are all black, and Commerce Court is silver.

Also, Scotia Plaza has the coolest banking hall I have ever seen.

Aleks Jun 7, 2008 8:02 AM

I think it's one of the nicest looking buildings on this side of the planet. Really nice tower.

giallo Jun 7, 2008 10:11 AM

Definitely one of my favourite skyscrapers in NA from the 80s.

Fabb Jun 7, 2008 10:21 AM

The very noticeable V at the top disturbs me.

yyzer Jun 7, 2008 11:18 AM

nice shot by Current over at SSC...

MolsonExport Jun 10, 2008 1:42 PM

Always a nice tower. Reminiscent of the Trump tower, but far nicer.

plinko Jun 11, 2008 8:48 PM

This tower is so slender and unapologetically red. Probably my favorite tower in Toronto.

staff Jun 11, 2008 9:48 PM

I like everything about this tower (for being an 80s scraper) except for the colour. Should have been black!

Amanita Jun 12, 2008 9:26 PM

Black? She would have blended in with the TD towers across the street too much. And would have looked decidedly sithy:)

staff Jun 12, 2008 9:41 PM

EXactly. It would have looked like just about the most evil tower on the planet if it was black. The current colour is a bit awkward in my opinion. Not ugly, but wrong.

M II A II R II K Jun 13, 2008 12:14 AM

You have a point that it would look cool in black.

But it is true there are other highrises across the street that are also black. That is the only red highrise on the block.

M II A II R II K Jul 11, 2008 1:53 PM

A construction pic

A sleek one

Buckeye Native 001 Jul 11, 2008 4:07 PM

Very sleek :tup:

Maldive Jul 11, 2008 8:26 PM

With apologies to Current... not sure what I think of a black Scotia.

M II A II R II K Jul 11, 2008 9:11 PM

I think it would look badass, but as Amanita said there would be too many black skyscrapers in one place.

Chicago Shawn Jul 11, 2008 9:41 PM

Love this tower, its my favorite in downtown Toronto and it has a sweet atrium inside too.

Rico Rommheim Jul 16, 2008 12:24 PM

The best scraper in the big T by far, although my personal favorite is the TD.

KevinFromTexas Jul 19, 2008 9:15 AM

I've always liked Scotia Plaza. Such a handsome tower. Love the color of it and the unique setbacks near the top.

Rico Rommheim Jul 19, 2008 12:12 PM


Originally Posted by Maldive (Post 3667754)
With apologies to Current... not sure what I think of a black Scotia.

Hideous! Badass skyscrapers belong in Pyongyang not Toronto.

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