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Originally Posted by Steely Dan
^ and i don't see how anyone could NOT be thrilled by this project. what were you expecting? the architectural equivalent of the second coming of christ? well, this project isn't exactly that, but it is easily the most architecturally interesting skyscraper proposal this city has seen in decades, and that's gotta count for something.
i was expecting exactly what Gang was talking about in her interviews. Something completely unique, new and depending on your angle you're viewing it from, it would take on a completely different form. Something that would be incredibly hard to accomplish in contemporary high-rise design, but something I thought she'd be able to pull out

While I'll judge this at a later date when better renderings are out, there's just no way of telling that this thing is the best thing the city has proposed in decades. I am excited about it as I've been a Gang fan since before the theatre she built out in Rockford.
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