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Originally Posted by Pandemonious
Burj means, "tower," right? So lots of their projects have that in the title...

From a design standpoint, it would make more sense for it to be the slimmest at the top since hotel floorplates are typically much smaller. Also, how big are the floorplates in the middle? It seems substantially smaller than almost all of those generic boxes they have next to it in those renderings. Are they going to be focusing on a whole bunch of smaller tenants, or what? That was the strategy for the very thin floorplates of the skyneedle here in Chicago, although we all know what happened to that project... The article above said something about floorspace being available in evenly distributed clusters???

Don't get me wrong... I like the aesthetics of this tower, and its height is awesome. There are just some things about this building that seem kind of weird IMO.

Also, I think the hotel space in the US7 Building in Hong Kong will be at roughly the same height.. hard to say who's will be the highest.
I presume it'll be a bunch of smaller tenants, haven't a clue though. It's just that the amount of office space compared to res that has been released so far is nothing. The office buildings announced already in business bay, especially the ones of high quality have pretty much been sold. BTW, those generic boxes don't exist and will not exist. There will be towers around it but nobody knows yet