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Cool Staunton - A Google SketchUp City

This is my second Google Sketchup City, the first one is also called Staunton, but looks very different.

Here is a link to the first Staunton

The first Staunton was never actually finished, the city was not planned very well and had too much fixing to do. So I started fresh, a new Staunton City.

Staunton City is most likely located on the west coast, but will probably look like an east cost city since the city is going to have a New York Skyline look. Staunton's tallest building is the 83 floor high Galviston Enterprises World Headquarters Tower, followed by the 76 Floor Staunton International Building.

Downtown Staunton would either be on an Island or a penisnula of the mainland with a bridge connecting to a large island.

I'm not sure how long this model will last, maybe this model will go into the suburbs, or it would probably just be the downtown area.......

[[I made the textures]] so dont ask if I got them off a website

Here are the first shots of the Western Tip of Downtown,

Without Textures

With Textures (so far only 4 buildings are textured )

more to come!
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