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^I'm familiar with Bigalow and his space capsules. Neat stuff. The first hotels probably won't be any 5 star bellagios, but the experince of being in space itself would be more than enough. Have you heard of Virgin Galactic? You can already buy tickets for short rocket rides into space.

Trump Tower Two

>I'm sure many have noticed by now Trump 2nd tower is nowhere near even breaking ground yet, not to say under consturction as some have thought. However, the past few days, the news reports camera crews (for filimg of trump's show "The Apprentice", along with sightings of Ruffin and Trump at his sales office suggest they are planning to advertise or even feature the tower in the show, as a way to jump start sales for the 2nd tower...

Speaking of Trump, Tower one sure looks golden. I mean Mandalay and MGM Signature are gold too, but their windows are broken up by lines and such. Not Trump's tower. It'll look like a giant gold bar soon enough!
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