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Living in CHICAGO

Born and Raised in Iowa, the first city I ever visited was Chicago. I was awe struck by the incredibly tall buildings and awesome skyline. It just seemed like such a cool place to live. I was 7 then, and have ever since wanted to live in Chicago. 18 years have passed...I have since graduated College with an Architecture degree, am married and currently live in Kansas City. I am working to make my dream of living in Chicago a reality.

I decided to start this post to lay the ground work for this upcoming move. All we need is a place to live and a couple jobs. The job thing shouldn't be too hard, but I have no idea where to live, and don't have the resources to fly to chicago all the time to check out places to live. I am looking for a neighborhood not downtown, but VERY near downtown. I want Downtown Chicago to be easily accessable. I want to feel like I'm part of the city. I don't know if I want to be any further away from the core of the city than wrigleyville, but what do I know?

All we need is a One bedroom apartment in a neighborhood that is very safe (for my wife's sake) perhaps off street parking, and a nearby train. Oh, and cost is important too. I am looking to spend around 800.00 per month. My wife and I are 25, so it would be nice to live in an area with people our age...this however is not essential.

1. Safety
2. Cost
3. Location

I guess what I'm getting at, is to ask all of you (that live in Chicago) where you would suggest...either based on where you currently live in Chicago, or a location you know of that fit my criteria. Other questions I have for anyone who cares to reply to this is why do you like the area you live in. What are the benefits.

Help make this dream a reality, any information anyone could supply would be greatly appreciated.

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