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I would add edgewater and RP to the can get quite nice apts for 800 or so a month esp in RP, now some will tell you oh RP....sorry RP = Rogers Park, some will tell RP is dangerous......this is actually a rather big myth, most of RP is quite nice there are a few dicey areas, but even these are generally improving.

RP has the advantage of great Redline access....the Redline is the "main" branch of the CHi the redline runs north / south much of the length of the city....its is the L stop at wrigley and has several subway stops DT (downtown).

For 800 you can probably find yourself a nice 2bd, parking might be a little harder.....unless you find a building that has a garage.......look at 2 or 3 flats in particuliar, up to 6 flats is my general rule of thumb. In general stay away form larger tenement style building at least in RP.

Also RP has great Metra access...Metra is the heavy rail transport system in Chicago....I use it quite a bit to get to the Loop. Usinf metra it generally takes me about 25 - 30 min to the Loop door to door

I live in RP and was actually raised in RP, though I have lived elswhere in the city. The closer to Loyola U. that you are the more people your age there will be. RP isn't really a hot-bed on 20-somethings but there actually is a strong underground youth culture here.

Other areas like Lakeview (Wrigleyville --- I hate that term) will gemrally be more expensive. Wickerpark/ Bucktown you probably can still find some bargains but its getting tough -- andf these area have some real dicey areas as well, though just as RP most of it is quite nice.

LOgan square.....a little firther away might be a possibilty for you.

On the south-side, Pilsen if you don't mind living in a neighborhood that might seem quite "ethnic" -- at least for someone originally from Iowa ( I don't mean any offense by that). There are also areas west of the loop and south of the loop that might interest you.......however in general the transport coverage is not quite as good as mnay of the northside hoods
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