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Ravenswood is a good suggestion; by Metra its only 13 minutes to downtown (on the brown line, it's anybody's guess these days).

Since Safety is #1, I would DEFINITELY NOT look at Rogers Park, Logan Square, or Pilsen. These are all areas where either myself or people I know have been mugged, assaulted, etc. RP has some niec areas to be sure, but the "bad blocks" are interspersed and especially for new transplants and someone who places safety as #1 I would just avoid it.

My recommendations, in addition to Ravenswood (Ravenswood is a big neighborhood that includes Andersonville and Lincoln Square, both lovely):
- check out Ukrainian Village, which is about as nice as Wicker Park but much cheaper (not quite as close to the train, though).
- Lakeview. A very large but very cool area, mostly people aged 20-40, and I'm positive you can find something you like in your price range. transit service is plentiful, very ped-friendly neighborhood, tons of retail/restaurants/nightlife/shopping, easy access to the lakefront. The area by the lake is about as "urban" as it gets, population densities mostly around 30,000 ppsm, and in some areas over 60,000! Actually, Lakeview would be my top recommendation to you.

You might surprised at the deals you can find in the "expensive" areas though, if you look hard enough and aren't too picky about the amenities of the apartment. Don't completely overlook Wicker Park, Old Town or Lincoln Park.

Great to hear you're moving here, I'm sure you'll love it. I've spent my whole life here and I'm always finding something new to fascinate me (and I have a pretty short attention span)

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