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Congrats on your decision to move to Chicago. I grew up in, among other places, Kansas City and I have been living in Chicago for almost 6 years now. I've lived in two different parts of Lakeview and in Lincoln Park. I agree with the poster who said you should look at Lakeview first. Here's the reasons:

Aside from Lincoln Park, Lakeview is probably the "safest" neighborhood in Chicago. That's not to say that it's perfectly safe. It's also not to say that there aren't other relatively safe neighborhoods. But Lakeview and Lincoln Park are the most gentrified parts of Chicago right now. As a result, they tend to be the safest as well. Lot's of neighborhoods are pretty safe, but I think those two are the safest.

Generally speaking, Lakeview has more to do within walking distance than any other neighborhood in Chicago. Again, there are lot's of great neighborhoods that are very pedestrian friendly, but I think Lakeview is the best neighborhood if you want to be able to walk places -- even better than Lincoln Park.

Although Lakeview is more expensive than most other neighborhoods, you will be able to find a decent 1-bedroom apt. for $800 per month. Just remember that apartments here are different than in K.C. You don't get as much for you money -- especially when it comes to "luxuries" like big bathrooms, closets, and new appliances. You also will get a little less for your money than in some othe neighborhoods, like Roscoe Village, Uptown, Andersonville, etc.

Here's the thing. There are lot's of neighborhoods that would be great to live in. But for someone who is new to Chicago, who will be learning about the city, and who isn't familiar with their surroundings, I think your best bets are Lincoln Park and Lakeview. Lincoln Park is more expensive and the benefits of living there aren't much different than Lakeview. It's just a little closer to downtown. Yes, LP and Lakeview have a lot of yuppies. And yes, they are seen by some as being pretentious and snobbish. But until you become more familiar with the city, you will probably feel safer and more secure if you live in one of the two neighborhoods. You will also be close to the El, to buses, and to a ton of bars, restaurants, and shops. After you've been here a while, if you want to try a different neighborhood, you'll have some experience under your belt and you can move.

Do a google search for "chicago neighborhood map". You should be able to find a good one that shows all the different neighborhoods.

Just my two cents.
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