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I'm sure something could be found in Lakeview--at least on the edges of Lakeview--for $800. Though I left Chicago about seven years ago, I remember finding cute, little one-bedrooms in the $700-$900 range. Admitedly, rents have risen, but one must at least look.

I agree with Chicago311's view that Lakeview is the perfect "starter" neighborhood. In regards to safety, however, keep in mind that as you familiarize yourself with the city, it will become less of a concern for you. You'll begin to sense when an area's not-so-great and figure out what are the best streets to walk late at night. Also, living in a dense, bustling neighborhood like Lakeview lends itself to a feeling of security. It may also be of interest to know that Chicago actually has a lower crime rate than Kansas City (except in robbery). Like anyplace, it's more about knowing what areas to avoid than trying to find a place that's safe.
"It's unfair to have cities where parking is free for cars and housing is expensive for people." -- Donald Shoup
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