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This height is what I guessed for my 3D model but in fact it is very close according to one of the pics below.

These towers are not to be confused with the "dubai towers" which are also wiggly but a completely different project. In fact this one was released a few months ago but the thread disappeared into obscurity and now there's no chance of rescue

3 towers designed by Zaha Hadid's firm, one office (the largest), one res (the smallest) and one hotel. They share a common base which will have ground level retail, restaurants, etc. At the bottom the hotel and office towers merge to create a link to the hotel business centre with meeting rooms, office facilities and services for guests while near the top the hotel and res towers merge to share collective leisure facilities, including the indoor swimming pool and other amenities. Incorporated into this project is a pedestrian bridge allowing people to cross to the other side of the creek.

Various renders:

This was chosen from a competition with 4 entries. One of the other entries was by Reiser Umemoto. Here are the renders:

Some details of the design (the Zaha one)

Small renders showing the bridge (partially)

A model of the towers:

The plot as of Jan 2007:

More images to come later. There are loads from my 3D model but I have to go to college now