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153 single-family homes under construction in Hamtramck

A total of 153 single family homes are being built in Hamtramck to fulfill the obligations of a housing lawsuit that was settled back in 1981. Hamtramck’s director of community and economic development, Erick Tungate says the development is about “bringing justice to the plaintiff class [as well as] putting the city as a whole in the position of solid footing.” The market-rate homes will first be made available to plaintiffs from the lawsuit.

93 of the homes are scattered infill around the city. There are 5 different styles, and most are being constructed on lots that are 30-feet wide.

60 of the homes are centered in the Grand Haven-Dyer area of the city, west of I-75. There are 4 styles of houses that are of a “more suburban nature” describes Tungate.

Tungate notes that once this project is complete, Hamtramck will be “almost fully built out, creating more density, more walkability.”

Source: Erik Tungate, City of Hamtramck

Also, if Michi doesn't post some photos soon, I will try and put some up...
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