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Originally Posted by vegaslocal View Post
hate seeing that everytime you fly here? give me a break. having grown up here in vegas it's refreshing to see vegas finally catching on to "bigger city ideas". for years the construction here has destroyed the natural wild life in and around the valley due to "spreading out" instead of "spreading up". it is great to finally see a building plan that goes up instead of having to destroy miles of the city/lands/history for another boxy, monstrosity of a project. sorry if it effects the views of many of the tourists, but it's not like any of them visit the actual city here anyway. locals should be happy to have something else add to the economy of this city and tourists should be happier that they have another single building to spend their vacations in. one even larger than the rest so you'll never have to leave the comfort of the tower to actually visit the city.

go vegas tower.
I agree wholeheartedly!!! Within the next 10 years we will be seeing a lot more development upward rather than outward. The edges of the metro area are already at the edge of the mountains. Also, it is great to see so far over the last few years that Vegas is finally growing up with multiple projects getting taller and taller as each one is announced. Someday the Stratosphere will not be lonely, if anything it will have several neighbors just as big as well as bigger!
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