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Originally Posted by toddguy View Post
Who is bashing the city because of this design? I have seen more comments saying that Philly is a great city and deserves better, than 'Philly bashing' comments. And WFS DOES look like 'projects'..and alot of people in Philly agree-check out the WFS thread. I have not seen anyone 'trolling' either-if anything you should quit being such a homer. Funny how you are complaining about people 'hating' yet your post is the most negatively directed towards other posters.

I counted at least three posts in the first page from non-Philadelphians that either bashed the city, (ie: is Philadelphia really that disgusting), or the location with what seemed like little actual knowledge of where it is located. (that would be like me going into a Columbus page, with having never been there, and complaining about the city and site).

As for WFS looking like projects, that's fine if you think that...I'm just glad that the projects where you come from look so nice...