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DAC150, in my experience I've found that most Chicagoans don't use the term "Downtown" very often if they actually live in the city. Its usually only used by those on the perhiphery who don't know the city very well. Most people who live here know the city well and usually refer to their destination by either neighborhood, landmark, or L stop.

For example, If I am going to go Loyola U's north campus, I'll tell people "I'm going to Roger's Park" but if I am going back to my apartment by the Hancock, I'll say "I'm headed back to Water Tower" since its near the Water Tower. Or if I am going to meet someone down in the loop, I'll say "I've gotta meet up with them in the loop".

I would say that Chicago's "downtown" is really too spread out for people who live here to use the term "downtown" for any reason. Its not like NYC where you have a long, relatively straight, island that clearly defines a central core, I mean look at the lakefront, we have a line of high rises that stretch for like 20 miles along the lake. Most people who don't know the city would consider any movement towards those buildings "going downtown".

However, we do have a very clearly defined "Uptown" in Chicago, it is its own neighborhood on the north side.

BTW, sweet thread Ryan!
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