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Can't believe I missed this thread, you guys have some interesting ideas.

For the Granville Street extension, you can see the plans developed by Read Jones here:
(officedweller - I think this is the report you're referring to?)

For new office development - Cadillac Fairview doesn't own the rights over the CP tracks - Kerfoot does. This really limits what Cadillac Fairview can do.

Cadillac owns the Granville Square (bldg/plaza/parkade) and the Station building and parking lot. They have 418,000 sq ft of residual density, plus a potential heritage bonus for preserving the interior concourse of waterfront station. For the past several years there has been talk of a Granville Square 3 project, and Cadillac submitted a letter of enquiry for a development on the parking lot east of the station building back in 2005, but I haven't heard anything since. Assuming the granville street extension moves forward, there is no room for a new tower except to the east of the station building since the plaza at Granville Square is too small to accomodate another tower on either side. I suppose another option would be partial demolition of the station building just east of the newly extended Granville street, but I can't see many people supporting that idea. I think Cadillac is content to wait and see what happens with these plans. Even though they are on the aggressive side, construction costs are way high, and I don't think they have any major tenants up their sleeve...

The City has suggested that there is potential for new development in excess of 800,000 sq ft on the lots over the CP tracks owned by Kerfoot. Back in 2005/06 Kerfoot had been talking to local developers about doing a JV for an office building, but this was obviously contingent on the stadium plan moving forward and we all know how that story went.

I think in time we will see 2 new office towers in that area. Nothing tall, although Cadillac's could be pretty large if they play their cards right.
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