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Originally Posted by The_Henry_Man View Post
I guess in this reasoning, the most extensive rezoning, redeveloping and densification that will be conducted around the Skytrain lines anytime soon will be Richmond and Surrey. The Canada Line in Richmond runs through mostly old industrial lands (Bridgeport), farmland waiting to be redeveloped (Capstan), old and torn-down warehouses on the west side of No.3 Rd (Aberdeen and Lansdowne). As for Surrey, Scott Rd area and big-box stores close to Surrey Central will see rezoning.
most of what is in vancouver along the expo line is/was established houses etc

its much easier to rezone where collingwood is to what it has become

but you can't kick out families and replace their homes with highrises and stuff

eventually as they sell off their homes it can happen but its gonna take a long time and developers aren't gonna hold onto one house in the hoped that the whole hood decides to sell at the same time

as for surrey - that old strip mall across from surrey central had a rezoning sign up last year - plans for highrises and more housing as well as retail and office space

no idea if it passed but anything is better than that ugly site
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