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the back side of fountainbleau is amazing at the moment - the entire parking/convention/podium is exposed - you can see a mess of steel everywhere - the size of these trusses are amazing - 20 foot deep shears of metal hanging 100s of feet in the air - wow

that building back their is i think, 20 stories - HUGE

the podium / casino is interesting right now - the center part is still dirt, but they built the area close to the street (the riviera blvd facade is going up now - its some weird curvy / wavy thing - new.

the FB sales center looks good - but i think empty -

curious that the venetian condo project has taken down one of its cranes...?

the echelon mcdonaolds is almost done - itll be a snazzy place - lcds all over the front - very fresh

they are taking down the TRUMP sales center sign - possibly they building too soon

they are also taking down the second bellagio sign along the 15 freeway

i went to juhl again today - i LOVE that place - there are parts that look like old warehouses (brick / curtain walls) then staggered balconies, alternating porches - a tower component, loft - double height / single height ceilings -
RETAIL (which is almost all sold) -everything is great, it should really change that area

(not only is streamlines 1st floor vacant - soho, still has not filled their first floor tenant)
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