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Art Deco Where You Live.

Post any photos of Art Deco buildings in your area or elsewhere you have visited.

Ill start off with where I go to school here in Arkansas. The Pope County Courthouse, built in 1932 employs many beautiful art deco elements and is my favorite building in Russellville. Some morons in the 70s however thought it would be a dandy idea to add an ugly roof to it and it kinda wrecked the verticality of the art deco design, but I still love it.

All of the following photos I have taken.

The most beautiful high school in America, well in my opinion. Central High School in Little Rock, built in 1927. Its where the whole desegregation thing with the Little Rock 9 happened back in the 50s.

Chicago Board of Trade Building, built 1932.

The Gulf Building in Houston, 1927 I believe, its standing next to the now rising 630 ft Main Place Tower.
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