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I seriously doubt I'll be doing 2500 diagrams for Toronto... But I do plan on doing the taller ones at least. I also like doing drawings for other cities. It would be nice to have at least 1 drawing from every city in the world, but even that would be a hell of a job. Regarding goodlookin and me 'working together as a team', maybe in a small way that is happening, simply because I do alot of Toronto drawings and he edits the Toronto database, but I dont really see us 'working together'. In some ways we don't see eye-to-eye because he changes building heights, status, etc. and I have to revise my drawings or make new ones. I'm not blaming him, he's just doing his job. But in other ways he does help me by giving me information regarding drawings I'm working on, or planning to do in the future, or he will make a correction to a height that works in my favour. We will continue working 'together' simply because that's just the way it is.
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