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How would you develop Sacramento?

Thought I would throw out a new thread, shamelessly cribbed from the LA section, to use as a discussion starting point.

In light of the slumping economy, I doubt we will be getting any high profile projects breaking ground this year, but on the other hand I feel that the following economic bull cycle will be something that Sacramento can harness pretty effectively. We are a city that is on the upswing, not in decline. The future should be bright for us.

There has been a ton of discussion (arguments) on what direction we should take the city in, with proponents of slow, measured growth and those that want a full steam ahead approach.

Because everything's in consolidation mode right now, I think it's the perfect time to talk about what we want done to position ourselves as a city that people desire to live in (not that it isn't already) and take advantage of the coming years of growth.

I've lived in the area for almost all my life, and although I've only recently begun to truly fall in love with Sac I see posters on here that have incredible knowledge and experience that I want to hear from.

So tell me, what would you do to Sacramento. Realistic or unrealistic, throw out your thoughts

Change stuff around in The Railyards, lightrail extension to airport/south to CRC, how would you approach K Street, DTP, R Street Corridor, libraries, parks, schools, etc...I know we have specific threads for this stuff but sometimes people's overall image gets lost in the noise, and I want that to come out here.
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