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Well, I don't see any logical way to re-connect I-70 after the short re-routed northeast segment. Turn Brighton Boulevard into I-70 and reconnect it near 36th Street in River North?

It looks like to me that I-70 west of I-25 also cuts through much more dense neighborhoods and would be tightly confined on both sides from future improvements a few decades down the road. Why not remove I-70 from their neighborhood as well?

They could rebuilt the new mousetrap further north, using the latest engineering efficiencies and have available all the land they need to do so.

Also, with a grand boulevard taking I-70's current locations place, there will be a considerable amount of I-70 traffic exit and take that boulevard instead of I-70. This will result in several thousand fewer cars using the mousetrap (new mousetrap) each day.

This plan is perfect. The two criticisms I have read are not yet well thought out. I say leave the traffic analysis and preferred alternative selection up to the experts.
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