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Originally Posted by MolsonExport View Post
one thing about London transit that pisses me off is buses blocking roads. You can't win. Get in the RH lane, and get stuck behind a crawling bus. Get in the LH lane, and-yup, you guessed it!-some dipshit needs to make a left-hand turn. Richmond, Wharncliffe are particularly bad on these points.
I experience precisely the same thing every friggin' morning when I drive to the office downtown. I used to take some back streets down to Springbank, only to find the left-hand turn lane for Wharncliffe was consistently totally jammed and took forever to clear.

Oddly enough, if I turn right onto Springbank from Wharncliffe and head west in the late afternoon, it's very fast with virtually no traffic at all.

So now I drive up Wharncliffe. On the (now increasingly rarer) days when traffic on Wharncliffe is light, I can get to work in about ten minutes. On days when traffic is heavy, try twenty plus. If it wasn't for the bottleneck just north of Horton which cuts Wharncliffe down to one lane heading northbound, the problems you describe simply wouldn't happen.

Then again, the bozos who seem to sleep when red lights turn green during morning rush hour don't help any.

It bothers me knowing city council is content with doing absolutely nothing to address the increasing problem of congestion. Guess a performing arts centre, suing the engineers who botched Springbank Dam, and the Sifton Bog deer cull debate are more important.
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