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Originally Posted by breathesgelatin View Post
OK, speaking as a relatively very new Austinite (in my 4th year here), what exactly was in Northcross Mall, anyway, that people were supposedly so nostalgic about? Seeing it now, it's hard to imagine it as a real mall. It's just such a weirdass convention center/stripmall thing now. What were the anchor stores? Did it have department stores?
Northcross was starting to sag by the time I was old enough to remember, but my earliest memories were of a pretty "youth-friendly" mall. It had the ice skating rink and a pretty good arcade, and a lot of the stores were youth focused. It was also in the middle of town and easy to get to.

The size lent it a smaller town feel and it almost felt like a "mall set" from a low budget TV show or something.

On the other hand, the Village shopping center has never really seen a decline despite being kind of early 70's looking and ugly. Alamo Drafthouse essentially ensured that it would remain viable for some time to come. But I remember the days when Coco's Restaurant was still around, there was a Loehmann's and CompuAdd (a computer store and manufacturer) were still around as well. (And I'm only 26)
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