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Start a DC transportation issues thread if you want. I'll move the relevant posts.

Anyway, you want to know how we'd remedy the problem. Frankly, getting people between Gaithersburg and Reston isn't a problem that needs to be fixed (I say this as someone who grew up in Gaithersburg), because it's ridiculous to think the state should be responsible for making ridiculous commutes unnaturally easy. Instead of trying to make that commute easier, we should be spending what money we have on projects that support the land use model we want. That is to say, we shouldn't be trying to make it easier for people to drive between two ridiculous locations, we should instead be making it easier for people not to have to make that drive in the first place.

The whole reason suburbs are dispersed is because we have a transportation system that supports dispersal of land use. The only way to remedy the problem of congestion caused by dispersed land use is to make it possible for land use to get more compact. Building a Techway would do absolutely nothing to further any of the goals we want to further.
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