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Originally Posted by Ducov View Post
Yay!! been waiting to find a thread like this for so long!

Here's my contribution, all photos from the Charles W.Cushman collection from the the good people at Indiana University Archives.
Taken mid forties.
It's interesting how dirty the city looked in the 1940s because of all the soot from the railroads and manufactures close to Downtown. It's immaculately clean now compared to those shots.
"What is the chief characteristic of the tall office building? ... it is lofty. ... It must be tall, every inch of it tall. ... It must be every inch a proud and soaring thing, rising in sheer exultation that from bottom to top it is a unit without a single dissenting line." — Louis H. Sullivan. From "The tall office building artistically considered," Lippincott's Magazine, March 1896.
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