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The true "Main Street" in RR is I35. RR has no real DT, is made up of strip centers, neighborhoods and schools, and apartment houses, some great overpasses, shopping centers, a bat bridge, a ball park, and home to the worlds greatest dounuts. It is undistinguishable from the highway. There isn't a hotel or lodging, or major restaurant you can't see from I35. I live east of RR, but I never liked the look of it. It wasn't much in the 80's, and it isn't much now. Just a big FAT neighborhood with no character. Suburbian sprawling city at its worst. Like Kevin said, all about commerce, just keep adding stuff all over the place, talk, talk, talk about enhancing the puny DT, then devert attention away from it again by tauting themselves as the "Sports Capitol of the World". The best thing I ever heard about RR was a commercial pilot for SW Airlines once told me that he likes the way it looks at night from the air.
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