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Originally Posted by BWChicago View Post
How can granite be atrocious?

Also, didn't Crain's say that the exterior was just being rehabbed, not altered?

Correct. The details of the agreement are public information, since the agreement was voted on by the City Council. (There's a weird confidentiality section in the agreement, which seems pointless if the agreement is public anyway...) But I digress.

Originally Posted by City of Chicago/Apple Corp Agreement
--Exterior Work--
Building Exterior Elevations
1. Install new brick veneer on all four sides of the building of uniform color to match existing. Install new pre-cast concrete panels and coping at top of building [similar to former concrete panels/coping]
2. Install new anodized aluminum frame/insulating safety glass windows on all four sides of the building. Upper portion to be one operable awning type window.
3. Install new stainless steel/glass doors and frames and aluminum framed transoms with glass (total of four (4))
4. Install new signage as per C.T.A. Station Design Standards.
5. Verify and provided power (if needed) for electrified signage at the retail portion of the building.
6. Install new electrical conduit and fixtures as per design.
7. Install new canopy fascia and coping.
8. Install new canopy roofing, flashing and down spout.
9. Install new exterior wall mounted lighting fixtures.
10. Install new Station Identifier at canopy, details to be provided by Apple's architect and Apple's lighting consultant.

--Interior Work--
1. Install new terrazzo flooring one and one-half (114) inch with zinc alloy and or stainless steel dividing strips per design. Color to match granite at fare control area.
(See item Number 3 below).
2. Install new quarry tile at stair treads.
3. Install one and one quarter (1%) inch thick granite pavers at fare control area.

1. Install four new hollow metal doors and frames.
2. Install new rotogate.
3. Install new customer attendant's kiosk. Kiosk frontage area to be symmetrical to the AVM/ATM frontage area.
4. Selectively install one(1) inch by two (2) inch ceramic tiles, clean and re-grout joints.
5. Erect new walls at the new AVM/ATM area.
6. Install new door frame at lower landing of stair.
7 Install frame work to support light box (box to be provided by Apple's designated vendor) at stair well rear wall and resting on the floor - Provide access panels on the side of the rental area.
8. Install new stainless steel barrier with access gate at turnstile area between paid and unpaid areas.

1. Install suspended anodized aluminum ceiling panels per design.

Improvements to Subway Platform
1. Install six (6) new graphic light boxes at inbound and outbound tube walls. Light boxes to be sourced through a vendor designated by Apple.
2. Install new benches at both platforms
3. Apply sealer at tube walls and ceiling as well as platform ceiling as needed
4. Power wash and paint tube and platform walls and ceiling.
5. Remove lead paint, prime and repaint columns
6. Remove and reinstall signage at platform
7. Provide electric power for graphic light boxes
8. Clean light fixtures and replace fixture lamps
It seems like most of the interior work and exterior elevation work will maintain much of the spatial qualities and materiality of the former station.

On the platform level especially, the work is mostly rehabilitation of the existing finishes, with the addition of new lighting fixtures and light box advertising for Apple.

I don't think the work is being done in conjunction with an established (and expensive) preservation architect. However, Bohlin Cywinski Jackson (the design architect of Apple's flagship, as well as prototype stores and a set of design guidelines for local architects) is an extremely competent firm, and I trust that their renovations will be harmonious with the original Art Moderne design, but with subtle additions of satin stainless steel to suggest Apple's involvement (windowframes, doorframes, ceiling panels). Nothing in the agreement suggests the kind of childish Postmodern design that is being applied to other State Street Subway stations.
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