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Originally Posted by Stingray2004 View Post
Yeah, the Vedder Canal Bridge is a sub-standard relic from yesteryear and was constructed as part of the Chilliwack Bypass from there eastward circa 1959, prior to the construction of the remaining then Hwy "401" in the west.

Narrow lanes and poor sight-lines, with its vertical curve (as well as the horizontal curve leading up to it), have contributed to many accidents over the years on the Vedder Canal Bridge - no room for driver error. Heading WB on a Monday long-weekend, I've experienced going from 120 km/hr and then coming to a screeching halt just before or on the bridge deck itself on several occasions due to the inferior sight-lines. Surprised that more accidents haven't happened at that locale. That said, until Hwy 1 is 6-laned to Chilliwack, we are stuck with it.

Perhaps cautionary "Poor Visibility" advance warning signs could be put into place during the interim.
Well you shouldn't be doing 120km/h considering the speed limit is 100km/h. I'm willing to bet the truck driver was driving too fast.

Originally Posted by Zegby View Post
Thank god for this thread. I totally agree there are actual portions of roads in the lower mainland region that are downright scary. Like "OMG how is this legal" scary. Let me just start off by saying I think the majority of roads and highways in the lower mainland are scary because a) dividing median barriers aren't tall/big enough b) not enough space in between on-coming lanes, so many times I see rocks fly up from opposing lanes hit cars going the opposite direction.

One of my most feared locations

-Western most portion of route 10. Its the hill at the Surrey end. Trucks barrelling down the road, divided by nothing but a double yellow.
You must not do any or very little mountain driving. Cause that hill does not scare me at all. In fact it is a mole hill in my opinion.
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