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^Heh, go figure. I like 55 Water On my first day in NYC, I actually hung out on the elevated acre for a while, just laying on the faux-grass. I must have been quite a sight, wearing an ankle length chinese-inspired robe (black and red), with a voluminous bright red skirt underneath, just laying comfortably stretched out on the astroturf, trying to find relief from the wicked tension headache I got from spending two hours stuffed into a small airplane.

There's just something about 55 water that I like- simple and honest, with clean lines. It's also beefy as hell, muscular and stocky. But it plays nicely with One and Two New York Plaza, which I also like.

I also like Pan Am- broad shouldered, makes no apology for what it is (and why should it?), and very distinctive in form and appearance.
I'll have to upload my Pan Am fan art, I suppose. Sadly due to limited time and daylight, I didn't get many photos of this broad-shouldered beauty.
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